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S-Class W220 Aftermarket Air Suspension Struts and Conversion Kits

If you are looking for cheap S-Class air suspension strut (also referred as: airbag shock) or coil spring conversion kits, this article is for you. 1998-2006 S-Class (W220) owners at some point during the ownership will experience air suspension problems. Air suspension is great but problems with it can be expensive. If you do your homework, you can save hundreds by using aftermarket air springs or completely convert your W220/215 to coil springs.

If you are experiencing air suspension problems you have two options. You can either replace the failed air strut with an aftermarket air strut or convert your S-Class/ CL-Class to coil springs. To replace one single air strut at the dealer, you will be looking to spend anywhere from $1000-$2000 depending on the problem, year and location. On the bright side, aftermarket air struts for an S-Class cost between $250-$500 per air strut. Or the second option is to swap the whole air suspension to conventional coil springs for the cost of one air strut at the dealer. Which may be worth considering if you don’t want to worry about air struts leaking or air compressor failing.

Option 1: Aftermarket W220 Air Struts

Average Cost per one strut: $250-$500

If you want to keep the air suspension on your S-Class the cheapest fix would be to replace the leaking air strut. At Mercedes-Benz dealership, one single air struts costs around $800-$900. Don’t panic! There are a few aftermarket S-Class air struts at a fraction of the dealer price.

  1. Best Rated Arnott AS-2605 Air Strut W220
  2. DEDC S430 Air Shocks S430 Air Struts REAR Air Shock Absorbers Suspensions Air Spring Struts Fit For Mercedes Benz S Class W220 S430 S500 S600 S55 AMG 2000-2006 2pcs
  3. Cheapest W220 Air Struts YINTATECH 2x for Mercedes S Class W220 S500 S600 2203202438 Front Air Suspension Struts

When replacing struts it is recommended that you try to keep all struts the same brand and ideally replace them all at once. If that’s not financially possible, try to keep both front or both rear struts matching brands.

Option 2: Airmatic to Coil Spring Suspension Conversion Kits

Average cost for conversion kit: $800-$1500

Many W220 owners love their S-Class but hate the air suspension problems. That’s why they end up converting their S430/S500/S600/S55 to regular suspension by removing the air suspension completely. It makes sense to convert an S-Class to springs if you have a high mileage car or if different air suspension components keep failing. Also if you have two failed air struts you should seriously consider converting the system to coil springs.

Here are some of the most popular airmatic to coil spring suspension conversion kits. These kits include replacement struts for all four wheels. Air compressor is no longer needed.

How much does it cost to replace an air suspension strut on a Mercedes-Benz

On September 2017 we requested a quote from a Mercedes-Benz dealer to replace a front air suspension strut on an S-Class. We were quoted $860 for a new air strut and $630 to replace it. The quote was for one strut and labor to replace it.  The cost to replace the air suspension strut will vary based on your location, year and model of your Mercedes-Benz. The typical cost will range from $1200 -$1800 to replace one bad air suspention strut.

Symptoms of S-Class air suspension problems


s class air suspension strut w220 s430 s500 s600 s55 cl500 cl600

  • If your Mercedes-Benz (S430, S500, S600, S55 AMG) is sagging at one corner, often the problem is caused by a leaking air strut (also referred to as air shocks or airbags).
  • If your Mercedes-Benz S-Class/CL-Class has lowered to the ground at all four corners, the problem is often due to a defective air compressor, replay or valve unit.

Read this article, for more help troubleshooting Mercedes air suspension problems. 

This guide will also help owners of C215 chassis, CL-Class (CL500 CL600 CL55 AMG) which uses the same air suspension as the S-Class.

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