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How to replace / upgrade headlight bulbs on 1996-2002 Mercedes-Benz E Class W210

How to replace the light bulb on Mercedes Benz e ClassThis guide will help you replace the low or high beam light bulbs in your headlight assembly. Replacing the light bulb on a Mercedes-Benz E-Class is easy. If one of your light bulbs has burned out, you will get a warning on your instrument cluster stating “LAMP DEFECTIVE”. To replace the light bulbs on Mercedes-Benz models: E320 E430 E420 E55, years  1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 follow the instructions below. The W210 E-Class uses H7 light bulb type for both the low and high beam. You can use this oportunity to upgrate the light bulbs with brighter HID light bulbs, see note below.


NOTE: You could upgrade the light bulbs with HID bulbs by installing a conversion kit. If you decide to go this route, you should look for aftermarket H7 HID bulbs that are also error free. Otherwise you will end up getting, Lamp Defective Warning on your Instrument Cluster.

Here are a few H7 HID Error Free light bulbs on Amazon that will workth with W210 and will not give the “LAMP DEFECTIVE” error.

How to change the headlight bulb on a Mercedes-Benz W210

  1. Open the hood by pulling the hood release located under the dash, on the driver’s side.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Pull the hood catch and lift up the hood.pull mercedes hood handle to pop hood
  3. Locate the back of the headlight.headlight assembley w210
  4. Remove the plastic cover from the back of the headlight assembly. There are two back cover types. The one shown in the picture below where you need to push out the metal clips. There is also the round cap that you twist counterclockwise to remove. back cover headlight w210 eclass
  5. Remove the light bulb from the socket by twisting it a few degrees.
  6. Install the new light bulb and reinstall in reverse order. If you are installing an HID H7 Upgrade Error Free Conversion Kit, you may need to drilll holes on the back cover.

How to replace headlight bulbs on Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 1996-2002


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