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How to remove glove box on a 2000-2005 Mercedes W220 S-Class / CL-Class

how to remove s430 s500 glove box w220Instructions on How to Remove Glove Box W220 S-Class

  1. Press the button to open the glove box door.
  2. There are two screws on the top and two on the bottom. The two bottom screws have small plastic tabs that need to be replaced.
  3. Remove all four screws and pull out the glove box.
  4. As you pull out the glove box you will notice two cables that you need to disconnect. Disconnect the glove box electrical connector and also disconnect the glove box door release cable.
  5. Now you are free to completely remove the glove box from the dashboard.

Glove Box Problems on Mercedes-Benz W220 S-Class

Glove Box Loose

One common problem with the glove box on Mercedes-Benz S-Class is that over time the glove box itself or the glove box door may become loose.

To address this problem tighten the glove box screws. Adjust the rubber that keeps the door from shaking. The two rubber pieces have screws in the center that you can adjust.

Mercedes Glove Box Stuck

Another problem that you may experience with the glove box on your Mercedes S-Class is that the glove box door does not open. This is due to the glove box release button or the release cable getting damaged. In this case, you may need to carefully pry out the plastic cover on the side of a dashboard using dashboard trim tool and try to access the latch from this access port.

Applicable to: S430 S350 S500 S600 CL500 CL600 S55 AMG

Model Years: 2000, 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005


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