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Bad Catalytic Converter Problem and Oxygen Sensor Code

Recently I had a check engine light for the O2 sensor on a Mercedes Benz. The car sounded like it had an exhaust leak as well.
After getting the car up on the lift, it turned out that the catalytic converter was separated, and I got a couple of quotes which were $1400 for an aftermarket part. The other option was to cut and fit a universal catalytic converter for $300-$400.

Before spending $$$, I decided to take the whole catalytic converter out. It turns out that the insides of the catalytic converter were in good condition still. So I thought, why not fix the existing one? As it turned out, welding the old catalytic converter fixed the exhaust leak and the O2 code.

Here is a picture of the catalytic converter split in half.



The ceramic structure was still intact. If this structure is destroyed, there is no point in trying to weld this back together. You would get a check engine light, plus that’s illegal too.



Here it is welded. This is my second time welding, so don’t be too harsh on me.




Troubleshooting Faulty Oxygen Sensor

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