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How to jump start a W220 S430 S500 with Dead Battery

How to jump-start Mercedes-Benz W 220 /C 215

This guide will show you how to jump-start any of these cars: S430, S500, S600 S55 AMG | CL500, CL600, CL55 AMG. The easy way to jump-start your S-Class is via the battery in the trunk. If the battery is dead and you can’t manually unlock the trunk, there is another method to jump-start the car. See the instructions below.

Tools Required

Method 1 – Using a Helper Car – Instructions

    1. Position the helper car, so the jumper cables reach the dead battery. Do not let the two vehicles touch.
    2. Ensure the engine, lights, and accessories are off on both cars. Set the Parking / Emergency brakes in both cars.
    3. Decide if you will use jumper cables or jump start with a jumper box. If you decide to use a jumper box, we would recommend that you use NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter, as it provides enough starting power for Mercedes-Benz. It is less likely to cause damage if improperly connected.
    4. Locate the battery on the right side of the trunk of your S-Class Mercedes-Benz. Connect the positive (+) red clamp to the discharged battery’s positive (+) terminal. Connect the other positive (+) red clamp to the charged battery’s positive (+) terminal. Be careful not to allow the red clamps to touch other car parts. battery termnial postive +
  1. Connect the black clamp to the charged battery’s negative (-) battery terminal. Next, connect the other black clamp to the car’s negative (-) terminal with the dead battery. Negative battery connection point
  2. Start up the helper car. If you have another person helping you, have them sit on the helper car and keep the engine RPMs around 2000. Let the helper car idle if you don’t have another person helping you.
  3. Let the two cars connect for a few minutes before you try to start the car with the dead battery.
  4. Start the car with the dead battery.
  5. Disconnect the negative clamps first by disconnecting the positive clamps.

Method 2: How to jump-start an S-Class, CL-Class Mercedes-Benz when the battery is dead, and you can’t unlock the trunk manually.

  1. Pull the carpet on the passenger side by folding it backward. jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-12
  2. Remove the foam.jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-11
  3. Remove three 10 mm plastic nuts.jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-10
  4. Remove the metal shield.jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-06
  5. Connect the positive clamp to the red post.jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-01
  6. Connect the negative clamp to any of the ground points on the car.jump-start-mercedes-s-class-w220-03


Whether you use jumper cables or a jump box to start your Mercedes-Benz S Class, the choice is yours. Be careful when starting a Mercedes-Benz, as undervotes or incorrect connections could cause you thousands of dollars of electrical problems. If you use jumper cables, make sure to use high-quality Gauge 4 cables such as the Cartman Booster Cable x20 ft. A better and safer method to jump-start your Mercedes-Benz is to use UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter.

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