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In-depth iCarsoft scanner review – Hands-on Video

Overview of iCarsoft Scanners

The iCarsoft scanners are excellent troubleshooting scanners but unfortunately we couldn’t find that many reviews online. We decided to do a in-depth review of the iCarsoft MB II.  The early models of the iCarsoft scanners such as the i910 for BMW, i930 LandRover /Jaguar and i980 for Mercedes-Benz have been around for a while and many of you loved these scanners. Now several more powerful, second-generation scanners are available from iCarsoft.

The iCarsoft OBD II diagnostic scanners provide an in-depth diagnostic functionality that you can not reach with simple OBD II or ELM 327 Bluetooth scanners.  We reviewed the Mercedes-Benz version, designated as iCarsoft MB II but iCarsoft scanners for other vehicle makes have similar functionality. A complete list of all iCarsoft scanners and corresponding make is provided below. While there is room for improvement, at this price range this may be the best scanner you could own for your specific vehicle.

iCarsoft scanners provide troubleshooting of multiple systems such as transmission control unit, airbag control unit, ESP control unit, including the ECU, SRS, ABS and check engine light. We tested this scanner on one of the most technologically advanced cars of  its time, the Mercedes-Benz  E-Class W211. You can watch the full review video below.

Vehicle make and list of iCarsoft scanners available.


  • The main advantage of the iCarsoft scanners is that it can diagnose and reset the fault codes for most of the control systems in your car including airbag, ABS and transmission.
  • Advanced troubleshooting. No need to visit the workshop anymore.
  • Shows current and stored codes that are typically only available to dealer scanners.
  • Can display actual sensor values, readiness status, and stream live data.
  • Affordable scanner. If this scanner saves you at least one trip to your mechanic, it will already pay for itself. We believe it will save you more than one trip though.
  • You no longer need to go to the dealer to reset the Air Bag light, scan the ABS System or perform dealer exclusive diagnostics.
  • If you love to do further troubleshooting, you can also stream live sensor data.  It can do this not just for the Engine Control Unit (ECU) but also for the following multiple systems such as:
    • Transmission Control Unit (TCU)
    • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
    • Electronic Stability Control Unit (ESP)
    • Airmatic Suspension
    • Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) / (TPC)
    • Airbag Control Unit (SRS Light Reset)
    • Headlights
    • Seat Control Modules
    • Shifter Module
    • Door control Units
    • Accessory Control Module
    • and more

The list goes on and on.

  • Receive free software updates
  • Depending on the model it will allow you to reset the oil service reminder. If that function is not available for your model, it will provide step by step instructions on how to manually reset the reminder if that is possible. May not be available for all models.


  • No programming capabilities.
  • Not for older models, pre-1996. On Mercedes-Benz, it will not work if your car uses 38 connection for diagnostics.
  • Can not reset the service reminder on all models.
  • You will need to know the chassis of the car that you are working on. For example: for a 2004 Mercedes-Benz E320 you need to select W211 or on a 02 BMW 525i enter E39.
  • Check compatibility with your car model. It may not be able to access all the systems on certain models. For example: Even though the scanner can access the Body Control Module (BCM) on Mercedes-Benz, it can not do so on all MB models.
  • Does not store codes. You will only be able to look at the fault codes while the scanner is connected to the vehicle. Make sure to write down the fault codes before you disconnect the scanner.

Video: How to Activate / Deactivate SBC Brake System

Covered Systems

Here is a list of the systems that iCarsoft can troubleshoot. Please note that this list varies bases on the model and the control units installed on your specific model.

Engine Chassis Body
  • (Motor Electronics)
  • ME2-SFI (Motor Electronics)
  • ME2.7 (Motor Electronics)
  • ME-SFI (Motor Electronics)
  • ME-SFI2.8 (Motor Electronics)
  • ECM (Engine control monolith)
  • CDI & CDI2 & CDI3 & CDI4 & CDI5 & CDI6 & CDID & CDI-V1
    (Common Rail Diesel Injection) CDID3 (Motor electronics)
  • FTC (Front Transmission Control)
  • ETC (Electronic Transmission Control)
  • EM (Electronic Selector Module)
  • TC/VG (Transfer Case)
  • ACS (Automatic Clutch System)
  • GRM (Gear Recognition Module)
  • DTR (Distronic)
  • FSCU/FSCU_EC (Fuel pump)
  • ISM (Shift module)
  • ME97 (Motor Electronics)
  • MED97(MotorElectronics)
  • MED177 (Motor Electronics)
  • SIM271DE20 (Motor Electronics)
  • SIM271KE20 (Motor Electronics)
  • SIM271KECNG (MotorElectronics)
  • SGR (Radar sensors control unit)
  • CDI60LS (Motor Electronics)
  • IRS-HLA (Outer left rear intelligent radar sensor system)
  • IRS-HRA (Outer right rear intelligent radar sensor system)
  • HAQ (Interwheel differential lock at rear axle)
  • MED40 (Motor electronics)
  • SG_EM UFPCAMG -Comtrol unit ‘Fuel pump’
  • BSA – Belt-driven starter/alternator
  • MED177_M157 (Motor electronics)
  • VGSNAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
  • VGSFDKG (Electronic Transmission control for double-plate clutch transmission)
  • VGS4NAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
  • SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction TC166-Transfer case
  • MED177 AMG ME2.7.2 (Motor electronics)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • BAS (Brake Assist System)
  • SBC (Sensotronic Brake System)
  • ABC/AIRmatic/ Suspension (Active Body Control)
  • VP (Vacuum Pump Brake Booster)
  • TPC/TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor)
  • EFB (Electric parking brake)
  • ES (Electrical power steering)
  • EPB (Electric parking brake)
  • ARS-Roll control
  • ABR (Adaptive Brake)
  • AB (Air Bag)
  • ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm)
  • PTS (Parktronic System)
  • EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
  • SEM (Security Module)
  • PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment)
  • OCP (Overhead Control Panel)
  • LCP (Lower Control Panel)
  • SAM (Signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SAM-FL (Front left signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SAM-FR (Front right signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SAM-F (Signal acquisition and actuation module front)
  • UCP (Upper Control Panel)
  • HRA (Headlamp Range Adjustment)
  • HRA-FL (Headlamp Range Adjustment, Front Left)
  • AAM (All Activity Module)
  • EAM (Extended Activity Module)
  • KG (Keyless Go)
  • RFL (Radio Frequency Locking)
  • VR (Vario Roof)
  • SVMCM /MSS (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)
  • WSP(immobilizer)
  • AHE (Trailer Recognition)
  • RST (Roadster Soft-Top)
  • RevETR-LF (Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
  • RevETR-RF (Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
  • CGW(Central gateway)
  • PSD (Panoramic sliding roof)
  • Dr-side SAM (Driver signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • REAR SAM (Rear signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SG-FOND (Rear control unit)
  • WSS (Weight sensing system)
  • XALWA-L (Xenon headlamp,left)
  • XALWA-R (Xenon headlamp,right)
  • SDS (System diagnosis)
  • COU (Central operating unit)
  • CRN (Center roof node)
  • HBF (Rear control panel)
  • VBF (Front control panel)
  • BNS (Vehicle power supply control module)
  • SG-DDW BCG-Remote control(Rear control field)
  • SRS (Supplemental restraint system)
  • EZS (Electronic ignition lock)
  • DSI (DIRECT SELECT interface) VDS-Vario roof control
  • MSC- (Magic Sky Control)
  • Information & Communication:
  • KI (Instrument Cluster)
  • ICM/IC (Instrument Cluster with Maintenance Interval Display)
  • SCM/SCCM (Steering Column Module)
  • DN (Dynamic Navigation by CTEL)
  • APS (Auto-Pilot System)
  • DAS (Driver Authorized System)
  • NSA (Night View Assist)
  • MFK (Multifunction camera)
  • RFK (Backup camera)

Which Mercedes-Benz models does iCarsoft MB II work with?

This scanner does cover most of the models built after year 2000, that do not require a 38 pin connector. Here are the models that it works with:

  • E-Class: W211, W207 and W212. No support for W210 other than ECU.
  • G -Class: 461 and 463
  • A-Class: 168
  • B-Class: 246
  • C-Class: W203
  • CL-Class: 215, 216
  • CLK-Class: W209
  • CLS-Class: W219, W218
  • GL-Class: W164, W166
  • GLK-Class: 204
  • M-Class: 163, 164, 166
  • S-Class: 220, 221,
  • SL-Class: 230, 231
  • SLK-Class: 171, 172
  • R-Class 251

Where to purchase iCarsoft Scanners

Based on our research, we found very competitive prices for iCarsoft scanners on Amazon. We have provided links below for some of the most popular iCarsoft scanners.


Overall this is an excellent OBD II scanner for the DIY-er. It allows you to access the Engine Control Unit and almost any other systems on the car. The iCarsoft works on vehicles 1996 and newer. The only drawback is that every make has a specific iCarsoft model; see the list at the beginning of the article. The iCarsoft scanner is a good investment. When you think about it, just one diagnostic at a repair shop costs more than the price of this scanner. That initial diagnostic at your auto repair shop is just a scan for fault codes, which you can easily do yourself.

What is the Best Scanner to Use for my Mercedes-Benz?

The YOUCANIC full system diagnostic scanner is essential for troubleshooting Mercedes-Benz problems. This powerful diagnostic tool can help identify and diagnose issues with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, and other critical systems by reading and interpreting fault codes stored in your car’s computer system. With detailed information about the problem, you can make more informed decisions about repairs and maintenance, potentially saving time and money on costly repairs.

In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, the YOUCANIC scanner can also perform diagnostic tests on various systems, including the ABS, airbag, and steering systems, to help pinpoint the root cause of any issues. Whether you’re a DIY mechanic or a professional technician, this tool can help you diagnose and solve even the most complex automotive problems quickly, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to maintain their Mercedes-Benz and keep it running smoothly years to come. With the YOUCANIC scanner in your toolbox, you can confidently approach any Mercedes-Benz problem, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to tackle any issue.


  1. HI there, i see that your model list doesn’t show W140 models. Will it work on 96 – 99 W140? I have a 97 and want this scanner

    • No iCarsoft MB II will not work with your W140 or any other model that has the 38 pin connector. For the older model look at the article Top 10 Scanners for Mercedes. There are a couple of recommendations there.

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