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W212 (2010-2016)

Mercedes-Benz SRS Malfunction Airbag Light On Troubleshooting

Is the SRS / Airbag Warning Light coming ON in your Mercedes Benz instrument cluster? Are you getting a warning message: Restraint System Defect! SRS Visit Workshop!    Two of the main reasons why the SRS malfunction comes on is either due to a dead battery or SOS TeleAid system problems. K …

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Typically you get BATTERY/ALTERNATOR VISIT WORKSHOP warning when the electrical system voltage in the car is below 12.6 volt. When the car is running the alternator produces electricity and the voltage should be above 13.5 volt. If you have a multimeter like this one, you can connect it to the battery terminals …

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How to check for bad engine mounts on a Mercedes Benz

Are you wondering if you have bad engine mounts on your Mercedes  Benz? Here is a easy way to diagnose if your engine mounts are bad. We strongly recommend that you have someone help you with this procedure. And please don’t stay in front of the car while your helper …

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Mercedes-Benz DIY Complete Oil Change Instructions

In this how-to article, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to change the oil and filter on your Mercedes-Benz. With oil changes costing over $200, no wonder so many Mercedes-Benz owners want to do their own oil changes. We recommend you use the same oil and filter used …

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