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most frequent problem on mercedes benz cars window regulator
Broken window regulator on Mercedes C-Class.

C CLK E Class DIY Change front window regulator & power window motor Repair Help

Here are the instructions for replacing the front window regulator or the power window motor. You know you need a window regulator when you press the window button, and all you hear is some noise, grinding from the window, but the window doesn’t move. If your window does not go up or down when you press the window button, and you hear no noise from the window, then you may need a new window motor instead. These instructions are from a 2001-2007 C Class but apply to the following models:


Mercedes C Class W203 2000-2007 C320 C230 C240

Mercedes E Class W211 2002-2009 E320 E500 E55

Mercedes CLK W209 A209 2002-2009 CLK320 CLK500 CLK55

Parts Needed
Each part has links to Amazon if you need any.

Tools  Needed

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flat screwdrivers
  • Rivets
  • Ratchet & Extension
  • T20, T30 Torx Sockets
  • 1/4” drill bit or similar

Step by Step

  1. Disconnect the battery. If you don’t, you will disconnect the side airbag and set the SRS light.
  2. Move the window up, if that is possible.
  3. Remove the SRS cover using a flat screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the leather.w203 door srs cover
  4. Remove the triangle speaker cover. You push the cover toward the front of the car while pulling it away from the door simultaneously.w203 remove door small speaker
  5. Remove the door handle cover using a flat screwdriver.c class remove door handle interior
    w203 remove door cover
  6. Now using the T-30 sockets, remove the Torx screws. Two are on the door handle. One is under the SRS logo you removed earlier.w203 remove two screws
    c class door srs screw
  7. Remove the T-20 screw from the door latch cover and remove the cover.
    w203 door latch cover
  8. Remove the door latch pin. It has threads, and you can remove them by rotating them counterclockwise.
    c class door lock pin
  9. Start at the bottom of the door panel and carefully pry it out using a flat object such as a screwdriver. Several tabs hold the door panel in place. Once the door panel is loose, move it up to remove it from the groove at the top, near the glass.
    c class remove door panelw203 remove door panel
  10. Next, remove the door latch cable. Pull the black cable back to remove it from the bracket. Then pull the hook up.w203 remove door handle cable
  11. Next, remove the power window switch. Pull up on the white part of the switch. The whole switch comes out easily. Leave it connected, as you may need to move the window up and down.w203 door switch repair
  12. Disconnect the cable that goes to the bottom of the door panel. This is the power feed for the courtesy light. The easiest way would be to remove the courtesy light by pulling it down, then unplugging the cable. You can use a flat screwdriver for popping out the courtesy light.
  13. Disconnect the seat adjustment cable.
  14. c class door repairfront door seat adjustment switch c class w203
  15. Locate the rivets that you need to drill out. Make sure that the window is up. If it can’t go up, you must be VERY CAREFUL when you drill because you can hit the glass with the drill bits.
  16. Drill out the bottom rivet for the airbag. As shown in the picture, you can drill out the upper airbag rivets or just the bottom one and fold up the airbag. Whatever you feel comfortable with.replace window motor c class w203w203 airbag front door side
  17. Unplug the airbag cable. It just pulls out. IF YOU TURN ON THE IGNITION TO MOVE THE WINDOW UP AND DOWN, MAKE SURE TO PLUG IN THE AIRBAG CABLE, OR YOU WILL GET A SRS WARNING LIGHT. If you end up setting up the SRS Warning Light, you will need a Star Diagnostic or an SRS Scanner like this one to reset it.c class how to fix front door window issue
  18. Remove the foam insulation pad from the door frame. You pull it out carefully. Uncover the bottom part of the door. You don’t need to remove the foam altogether. When you put the door back together, you will use the existing adhesive to install the insulation pad.w203 door repair
  19. c class window regulator replacementDrill out one rivet near the door pull handle. It holds the window regulator in place. It is part of the door pull handle. It’s the one further to the back from the 3 or 4 rivers that are part of the door handle.
  20. Drill two rivets on the bottom, each side of the window regulator.c class remove rivetsc class diy
  21. Drill out one rivet on the top, each side of the window regulator.c class front window does not work
  22. Remove the two torx bolts from the window regulator. This will loosen the glass. Make sure someone is helping you by holding the glass or securing the glass. If the glass drops at the bottom of the door, it will most likely break, so be careful.
    Now move the window regulator “legs” out. You will be moving the back leg towards the back. The front one is towards the front. This will unhook the window regulator from the white plastics that are part of the glass.c class front window remove
  23. Move the window regulator slightly up to unhook the window regulator.
  24. Unplug the power cable from the window motor.c class w203
  25. Get the window regulator out of the door.c class w203 window regulator remove how to
  26. Remove the three torx bolts to remove the motor from the window regulator.w203 replace window motor
  27. Install the new motor.
  28. Install in reverse order. Use your rivet gun to install new rivets.

c class w203 rivets help window

Part Numbers

W211 Window regulator driver left side 2117200346 Passenger 211 720 02 46 2117200246

W209 Driver 2308201042 / 230 820 10 42 Manufacturer Part Number:
W209 Passenger 209 720 08 46 Other Part Number: 2097200846

W203 Driver 2037201546 125-58854,2037201546,749-704 Other Part Number: 203 720 15 46
W203 Passenger 2037201646

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