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Top 5 Batteries for Mercedes-Benz cars

Wondering what is the best battery for Mercedes-Benz? This article will list the Top 5 aftermarket batteries for Mercedes-Benz cars. This ranking is based on our experience and the research we completed.  It is important to understand that: The best and worst car batteries can be from the same brand.

That’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t be tempted to buy the cheapest battery for your Mercedes-Benz. You can still save money by purchasing a good replacement battery online and installing it yourself.  In this article, we discuss several Mercedes-Benz battery alternatives.

Best Mercedes Batteries that meet OEM specs and provide great value

best battery for mercedes benz carsTop 2 Choices

  1. Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery Very reliable. Meets OEM specs. Exact fit. Great reviews on Amazon.
  2. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery. Good reviews. One of the least expensive batteries that fit most Mercedes-Benz cars.

As we talk about battery brands, it is important to know that four main companies (EastPennDeka, Johnson Control, AC Delco, and Exide) produce most of the batteries sold in the US. Even within one brand, you will find batteries that vary in quality. The same company can make a cheap and inexpensive battery with only a one-year warranty and a Platinium AGM battery with a 5-year warranty.

Top 5 Batteries for Mercedes-Benz cars

This article does not endorse any of the battery brands listed here. Please research these batteries and check if the Group 94R battery will fit your Mercedes-Benz.

5EverStart, AutoCraft and DuraLast Batteries

best-battery-for-mercedes-benzThese are sold at WalMart, Advance Auto, and AutoZone stores. They may have a one, two, or three-year warranty. It is convenient to purchase these batteries because some stores even install them for free. You should get at least two to three years out of these batteries, even if they are economy batteries.

The problem with the inexpensive batteries is that you may eventually start experiencing electrical problems such as ESP or AirBag warning lights on the dashboard. These batteries may continue to crank and start the engine just fine, but they don’t perform well under frequent high-power demands. Eventually, you may spend hundreds of dollars troubleshooting electrical malfunctions when the root of the problem has been an underperforming battery.

We are not saying anything is wrong with AutoCraft Gold batteries sold at Advance Auto Parts or Duralast sold at AutoZone, but based on our experience, they wouldn’t be our first choice. The last AutoCraft Silver battery we purchased from Advance Auto Parts lasted exactly thirteen months. There is an interesting Advance Auto Parts battery review that you may want to read before you purchase an AutoCraft battery.

4Interstate / Bosch


Interstate batteries have been on the market for decades. They tend to work fine for everyday use. Interstate offers most battery size groups, including a battery that is an exact fit for Mercedes-Benz cars. Overall a good choice and can often be found at NAPA stores. Johnson Controls also makes interstate batteries.


According to a Reuters article in 2008, Exide was contracted to supply Bosch-branded batteries. Bosch batteries are typically sold in Pep Boys stores. That contract may have been changed by now, though. As far as we know, the Bosch batteries may very well be produced in the same assembly lines as Everlast batteries sold at WalMart and manufactured by Johnson Controls. The point is that Bosch batteries are usually rebranded batteries supplied by one of the major car battery manufacturers in the world, such as Exide and Johnson Controls. You may have a Bosch battery that lasts over 10 years, and the next one only lasts two years.

3AC Delco – Least Expensive AGM Batterybuy battery for mercedes benzAC Delco is one of the main battery manufacturers in the US. They also make an AGM battery that is maintenance and leak free. They provide high cycling capabilities. ACDelco batteries come with a 36-month free replacement warranty. This is a good choice when the price is a concern. If you are looking for a battery that will last and meet the OEM specs this is the one. The ACDelco batteries perform well in vibration environments and generally speaking don’t have any issues with corrosion due to their absorbed glass mat design.

Their ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery fits most Mercedes-Benz sedans and SUVs. The only model that requires a different battery size is the SLK.


best mercedes battery exact fit oem specs
Optima batteries are also manufactured by Johns Controls and feature the patented spiral cell technology. Optima batteries are lead AGM batteries, not Gel or conventional flooded acid batteries. They have a reputation for being able to last several years, especially the yellow top Optima battery. They are completely maintenance-free. Optima batteries can be installed and operated in virtually any position, which is an advantage of AGM batteries. The main downside of the Optima battery is that it is hard to find an exact fit for Mercedes-Benz cars. Optima has long been known as one of the “best”  battery brands.

If you are an Optima loyalist, you may want to go with Optima 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Battery. It has 800 cold-cranking amps, which is enough to crank diesel, V8, and V12 Mercedes-Benz cars.

1Exide AGM  Best Overall Battery

best battery for mercedes benz e c s clk class
While the Exide is not the cheapest battery that you can find for Mercedes-Benz, it is a good compromise of performance, price, and durability. The OEM batteries installed in most Mercedes-Benz cars are also AGM batteries. The Exide Edge 94R Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery is also an exact fit for most Mercedes-Benz models including E, C, S, CLK, CLS, ML, GL, R-Class. It does not require any modification to install it, unlike the Optima batteries. You will also notice that it is one of the highest-rated batteries on Amazon. Exide is one of the best-selling battery brands, and that’s for a reason. Exide AGM batteries perform well in high-current and electrical demand applications. They perform well in hot and cold climates.

Tips on choosing the best battery for your Mercedes-Benz

There are several factors to consider when you are choosing a Mercedes-Benz battery. It’s okay to neglect the battery in most cars but when it comes to Mercedes-Benz cars they are the soul of the vehicle. Their job is not only to crank the engine but also to supply current to power-hungry “Electronic Consumers.” That’s why in certain MB models you will also find a second battery called an “Auxilary Battery.”

Some important factors to consider when choosing a Mercedes-Benz  battery:

  • AGM vs Gell Acid Batteries
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Maintenance Free and Spill Proof
  • Warranty Period

Lead Acid Battery

While AGM batteries are more expensive, they provide better performance and do not lose charge when they are not in use. AGM batteries tend to be more stable when subjected to vibrations. This is something to consider if you need a replacement battery for your off-road vehicle.

The AGM and Gel batteries overperform flooded acid batteries as they have a longer lifespan and perform better in situations with high electrical demands which are typical of Mercedes-Benz cars. AGM batteries are self-replenishing, and never need to have water added to the electrolyte. These are known as sealed batteries and are often advertised as maintenance-free.

AGM and Gel

Gel batteries tend to lose power faster than AGM batteries in low temperatures. AGM batteries, on the other hand, excel in high current and high power applications as well as extremely cold environments

Manufacture Date

All batteries have a shelf life. That’s why it is important to check the manufacture date. You don’t want to install a “new” battery that is already three years old.

The leading battery manufacturers are EastPenn Deka, Johnson Controls (includes Kirkland, Optima, and Interstate Brands), AC Delco, and Exide. Now you are wondering what’s the best battery for Mercedes-Benz when there are so many battery brands out there including Amaron, Luminous, Okaya, MtekPower, DigiPower, Su-Kam, Base, Tata Green, SF Sonic, and Samui.


Mercedes Battery Life

The life of a Mercedes-Benz battery can vary greatly depending on many factors including driving patterns and climate. In average, Mercedes-Benz batteries last between six to eight years. In some cases, we have seen the OEM battery last even over ten years.

How long did the main battery last on your Mercedes-Benz?

Use the comment section to let our visitors know. Post the battery brand and how many years it lasted.


  1. I am replacing a low maintenance lead acid MBZ OEM BATTERY (now NS-1) that came in my 2002 (W208) CLK 430 — it has lasted since it came off the GERMAN assembly line in April 2002! It still works, but I discovered that for over 2 years now, NO ONE during “A” or “B” services ever filled the battery with distilled water (maintained it – “topped it off”) and it’s NOW on its last legs (having “sulphated” a bit — it won’t even hold a “proper” trickle charge anymore) or I’d still be going with the OEM (made in Spain).

    I’m looking at replacing it with OEM lead-acid, Group 49 BOSCH. I will maintain it every 6 mos with DISTILLED WATER (when necessary) and hook it up to my 4 amp trickle charger if I’m not driving long distances or if the car sits a bit.

    With only 42.9K original miles on the car and battery, I hope this next battery (BOSCH OEM, LEAD-ACID) lasts as long as the MBZ OEM — even longer, now that I understand these kids today don’t understand the difference between “low maintenance” and “no maintenance” service, (unless this “service” is unto thyself, but I digress) and that’s another *issue altogether, yeah?

    *…but an important one cause this ignorance is costing me $£€ right now; and this is part of a larger issue (problem) with today’s kids, who will soon become tomorrow’s “citizens & leaders.”

    p.s. since 2008, all Bosch branded batteries sold at Pep Boys are made by Exide!

  2. I replaced the original MB OEM main battery on my 2004 E55 in Jan. 2017. It was almost 14yr. old. The car is stored thru our winters and the battery always “tendered”. The auxiliary battery is original as well and still functional.

  3. original battery lasted 5 years. the after market battery lasted only two years

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