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Upgrade Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Case to Chrome Shell

Mercedes-Benz key fob buttons can get damaged over time. In addition, Mercedes-Benz models manufactured before 2005 were sold with the black plastic key which looks old. Learn how to upgrade your old Mercedes key case to a new chrome key. So many Mercedes owners with these old keys will often …

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The Overpriced and the Bargain Mercedes-Benz

In this article, I want to go over the two extremes. The most overpriced Mercedes-Benz ever sold and the best used Mercedes-Benz money can buy. Having worked on many Mercedes-Benz cars, I felt obligated to share my knowledge on two unique Mercedes-Benz cars. Are you wondering which is the most …

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Mercedes Blind Spot Assist Inoperative

blind spot inop

Mercedes Blind Spot Assist is a safety feature that warns the driver if another car is in the blind spot. This feature has been optional in many Mercedes-Benz models since early 2010. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the common problems with Mercedes …

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Mercedes Apple CarPlay

mercedes apple carplay

Mercedes Benz, one of the best-known luxury car brands, has been getting even more luxurious lately with its improved compatibility with Apple CarPlay. This app lets you perform all sorts of actions with your phone via the car’s control knob and vocal commands alone. You will be able to listen …

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Mercedes and Android Auto

mercedes steering wheel android auto

Mercedes Android Auto allows you to integrate your smartphone into your car’s in-dash color screen and cockpit controls. You can control your Android phone via the COMMAND knob and steering wheel buttons. Using a simplified interface, easy-to-use buttons and voice recognition, Mercedes Android Auto allows you to use your phone …

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Mercedes Battery Replacement DIY

install new battery change battery mercedes

In this guide, you will find the procedure on how to replace the battery on a Mercedes-Benz. Replacing the car battery on a Mercedes-Benz is easy and can be completed by any DIYer. These step-by-step instructions on how to replace Mercedes battery should help owners of E, C, S, ML, …

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Mercedes Bluetooth Adapter

e320 e500 e350 interior quality

Are you looking to add Bluetooth functionality to your Mercedes-Benz to make hands-free calls? We will look at a few options on how to add Bluetooth hands-free phone adapter to older MB cars. There are several Bluetooth module adapters available even for older Mercedes-Benz cars going as far back as 2003. …

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Mercedes SAM – Signal Acquisition Module Explained

mercedes sam unit location

What is a Mercedes SAM module SAM stands for Signal Acquisition Module. A SAM module (also called Signal Actuation Module) receives data from sensors, switches, and controllers, and can send data, actuate (activate) components and monitor systems. Mercedes-Benz has been using SAM modules since the mid-90s. Symptoms of a defective Mercedes SAM unit This …

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How to Install HID Coversion Kit on Mercedes-Benz

mercedes hid upgrade kit

Many Mercedes-Benz cars still come with halogen light bulbs. The halogen bulbs can be easily upgraded to HID (Xenon) headlights for a brighter light and a more modern look. HID headlights give you better visibility and make driving at night safer. If HID low beams are not standard on your …

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