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DIY How to remove front bumper cover E320 E430 W210 1996-2002

Removing the front bumper cover on a W210 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is easy once you follow the instructions below. Learn what parts and bolts you need to take off to remove the front bumper. These instructions apply to the following models:

  • E320
  • E430
  • E55 AMG
  • E200

Years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. Even though we took these pictures from a facelift model, the pre-facelift bumper is similar in design.

Tools Needed

  • Drive socket set (must have 8mm and 10mm sockets)
  • Torx Bit
  • Floor Jack (optional)
  • Automotive wheel ramps (recommended)
  • Screwdrivers

Parts Needed

Because the W210 has been around for years, many front bumper upgrades are available for the W210. Check out these W210 Upgrade Bumper Kits on eBay (eBay link).


The bumper can be removed without raising the car, but it will be a lot more difficult. It is better to put the front of the car on jacks, or an even better option is to use Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set.

  1. If you are raising the vehicle, make sure to put jack stands underneath. Have the car in Park and place blocks behind the rear wheels.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel to the right. This will allow you to access the back of the bumper. Remove the 8mm bolts from the front wheel well liner. w210-front-bumper-removal
  3. Access the back of the bumper. RE CameraRemove the sheet screw at the end of the bumper. Once you do that, you can pull the front bumper release.
  4. Move the wheel liner and pull the bumper release slider toward you (toward the back of the vehicle).RE Camera
  5. Move your hand behind the fender. There is a 10 mm bolt that needs to be removed. It’s hard to see, but you should be able to feel it. Below is a picture of the 10mm bolt that needs to be removed. RE Camera10 mm bolt. You can access this bolt by reaching between the front tire and the bumper. Here is another picture of how this bolt looks. It is long and will take several turns to remove it. how-to-remove-a-mercedes-front-bumper-on-a-late-w210-facelift-model
  6. Remove the 8mm bolt that fastens the front bumper to the headlight. This is between the two lenses of the headlight assembly as shown below. 8mm-bolt-tobe-removed-from-w210-e320-e430-bumper
  7. Now the sides of the front bumper should be loose. You may need to move the bumper back and forth to unhook the pin shown in the picture below. The pin which points down is part of the front fender. separate-front-bumper-from-fender-w210
  8. Next, you need to remove the 12mm bolts in front of the radiator. bolt-behind-front-bumper
  9. Remove the lower plastic grille. The two small outer ones will pop out. You can use a flat screwdriver to remove them. There is also the air temperature sensor on the driver’s side, which you should remove at this point.
  10. Remove the side marker. Remove the side markers. Pry them out using a flat screwdriver. Twist the light bulb socket to remove the bulb. Or you could also unplug the light bulb from the back and not worry about removing the side marker.
  11. remove-turn-marker-signalRemove the bolts from the bottom splash guards. Only the bolts that connect to the front bumper need to be removed. You may find it easier to remove the front splash guard completely. This will allow you to see and access the bumper from underneath.
  12. Disconnect the front fog lights.
  13. Remove the front bumper from your W210. It may be easier to have someone help you at this point. The front bumper can now be removed by pulling it forward. remove-bumper-cover-w210-e-class

Instructions on how to remove and install front bumper on W210 E320 E430 E240 1996-2002.

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