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Top 15 Upgrades for Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2004-2012 (W169)

The Mercedes-Benz W169 A-Class improved the W168 model, but it still wasn’t sporty enough for most drivers to consider. That’s not to say you can’t turn it into a speed demon with the right modifications. This article will look at the 15 most popular modifications for the W169.


  1. Mercedes A-Class W169 Android 5.1 Head Unit BT WiFi Sat-Nav GPS Radio DAB Stereo

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The standard head unit on the W169 is a vast improvement from the old-looking W168 version, but it could still do with a modern upgrade. The standard one doesn’t support DAB radio or allow it, and the DVD player didn’t come as standard. It also doesn’t support playing via USB. This Andriod 5.1 Sat-Nav Head Unit is exactly what the doctor ordered. It supports digital radio, streaming via wifi, and many added Android features.


  1. Mercedes A-Class W169 2004 – 2012 Focal 17cm Front Door Speaker Upgrade Kit

Pioneer 17cm Separate 2-way speakersCheck Price on Amazon

Now that you have upgraded the head unit, you will want better speakers. The standard W169 speakers don’t deliver the same power and quality as the aftermarket alternatives. This focal speaker upgrade will transform the audio quality of your car. It will increase the bass response and produce a clearer overall sound. To get the most out of your music, you need to upgrade your speakers.


  1. Gas & Brake Pedal

mercedes gas pedal brake upgrade

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The AMG models always get the best finishes, so why not install them on your car? Not only are they sportier, but they also improve the overall look of the interior. These genuine AMG pedals will bring new life to your car. The increased grip and foot stability will improve your driving confidence as well. These are a great addition to any modification plan.

  1. A-Class 2004-2012 (W169) Xenon Hid Headlight

a-class w169 hid upgradeCheck Price on Amazon

A great upgrade for the W169 is the HID Xenon Bulbs. The standard w169 lights suffer from the same soulless design as seen on the old model. These HID lights will give you care and a much brighter front profile. Also, it is very easy to install. Plenty of videos on YouTube will show you how to install your new lights.

  1. Chrome Door Handle

w169 upgrade idea door handle (eBay link)

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Another place that could do with an upgrade is the door handles. The chrome finish is very popular with modified W169s, so these door inserts fit well with that look. They give the car a very refined and polished side profile. It is also an excellent way of adding to the car’s value when you install genuine parts. These chrome inserts are a brilliant modification to the side profile of your W169.

  1. Front Grill

a180 front grille upgradeBuy this A-Class Grill on eBay (eBay link)

This grill facelift is an excellent way to improve the front profile of your W169. Whereas the standard grill was more subtle, this facelift makes the car stand out from the crowd. There is no better way to improve the look of your W169 than to change the front grill. This chrome grill will serve as the centerpiece for your modification project as it immediately draws your eye to the car. Pair them with a couple of angel eyes headlights, and you will have a winning combination.

  1. Dual Double Exhaust Pipe Muffler Tips

mercedes benz a class a200 a180 a230 best upgrades

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Installing muffler tips will give your W169 a better exhaust note than the standard models. Not only will give it give your car a much sportier sound, but it can also increase its performance. These tips are made from very high-quality materials and are easy to install. The chrome finish adds a very nice finishing touch to the rear profile.



  1. LED Gear Knob

best upgrades for mercedes a class w169

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The standard gear knob on the W169 is starting to look very dated. With this LED gear Knob, you can change the look and feel of the original one. It also comes with an aluminum finish which is very popular on newer models. You have three designs to choose from, my favorite being the red one with the model of the W169 on it. Though not a major modification, it is still very cool.

11. LED Daytime Running Light

daytime runing lights

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Most modern cars now come with LED daylight running lights. Not only do they make the car look more expensive, but they also help it stand out from the others that don’t have them installed. It is rare to see them on a W169, making them a great choice if you want a unique look. Changing the original fog light position is unnecessary, as this fits the original design. Besides making the car look better, it also helps oncoming motorists see you in bad weather conditions.

  1. Interior LED Light Kit

w169 mods upgrades changes

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Carrying on with the theme of LED lighting, here is an interior lighting kit for the W169. This replaces the drab old set that came standard with the car. The LED design will make it much brighter in the car and consume less battery power. This set is very easy to install and works right away. The increased brightness will come in during nights out with friends who habitually lose things.

  1. Performance Chip

Performance Box MERCEDES A160 A170 A180 A200 W168 W169 W176 CDI Chip Tuning CR1

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A performance chip is an amazing way to squeeze all the power out of your W169. When people think about modifying their cars, they usually think about turbochargers or new exhausts but forget about the potential for an ECU upgrade. A simple change to the mapping system can unleash some amazing power gains in most cars. This particular chip box is very well suited to the W169. It has a claimed average power increase of up to 35%!


  1. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Matt Chrome Mirror Housing Cover

Genuine Mercedes Benz Matt Chrome Mirror Housing Cover W169 A Class LEFT RIGHT best upgrade

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We love our chrome finishes, and this mirror cover is no exception. The high-quality finish is a very classy addition to the front profile. The matte chrome look gives the sides a very pleasing accent. You might be tempted to go overboard on the mirrors, but if you do so, you might have a very tacky-looking car. As these are genuine Mercedes Benz parts, you know that you won’t have any quality or fitment problems after purchase.

  1. Car Door Logo Light

The car door logo light is a relatively new modification that has quickly gained popularity. Installing a logo light is a cool way of welcoming passengers into the car, especially if they have never seen this feature. They are a cheap way of turning heads whenever you leave your vehicle. We have found a set that allows you to choose various Mercedes-Benz logos for your W169. The most attractive design features the AMG logo in white.



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