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How to set clock, change time S-Class CL-Class W220 W215 2000-2006

How to set the time on the COMMAND / NAV Unit S-Class W200

This article we will show you how to set the time on your Mercedes-Benz S-Class, W220.

To set the time on your instrument cluster, you first need to change the time on your Radio/Comand Unit. The two should synchronize with each other.  These instructions will apply to you if your battery died, was replaced or you just need to adjust the clock. Follow these instructions if the clock didn’t change for daylight savings.

Instructions on how to manually change the time.

  1. Turn on the COMAND.w220 radio
  2. Press and hold the SYS button.system setting mode
  3. Use the rotary knob to select the Time/Date menu. Rotate the pushbutton to change the time.  You can press the rotary  pushbutton to confirm your selection. w220 s430 s500
  4. Press the rotary knob to select the time and rotate it to change the time.w220 s430 s55 s600
  5. Note that the time will change in 30-minute increments.
  6. Once you are done, hit back to return to the home menu.


Applies to: S430 S500 S600 S55 AMG CL500 CL55

Years: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Note that the S-Class has an integrated clock that should synchronize with GPS satellites clock, if your car is equipped with navigation. If your GPS is not working or the car doesn’t have GPS, you can set up the clock yourself. Therefore the time should change automatically. If the time doesn’t synchronize you can follow the instruction found in this article.

In the system settings you can also set up the System Beeps, Time Format, Country and Timezone as well.



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