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Replace/install new rear brake pads and rotors ML320 ML430 ML500 1998-2005

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the rear brake pads and rotors on any Mercedes Benz ML320 ML430 ML350 ML500 years 1998-2005

Suppose this is your first time doing this job plan on spending around 4 hours. Make sure you have all your tools and parts ready. We would strongly recommend that you install ceramic brake pads and new rotors. The OEM pads are semi-metallic, but choosing ceramic pads is wise. Ceramic brake pads are much quieter plus create less dust for your wheels. Ceramic pads perform better at higher temperatures and cause less rotor damage. We can go on and on talking about ceramic brake pads. You can get ceramic pads for almost the same price as semi-metallic ones. You can get new rotors and ceramic brake pads for under $100. How? If you need a hint, check out this link. 

Application: ML320, ML430, ML500, ML350, ML55

Years: 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Parts Needed: 

Notes before you start.

  • Ensure no mineral oil, grease, or other substances enter the brake system.
  • If the vehicle has been in any severe impact, it is recommended that the hydraulic unit be replaced.
  • Avoid using hammers. Do not remove the brake caliper with a hammer, pliers, levers, or similar tools.
  • When removing/installing the wheel, be careful not to bend the dust shield on the back of the rotors. If you bend it, you will hear a scratching noise when you put everything back together and start driving. If you bend the dust shield on the back of the rotor, you will need to remove the wheel and bend the shield away so it doesn’t touch the rotors.
  • Make sure to use your jack and a jack stand. A nice set of Torin jack stands goes for about $20 on Amazon.
  • If you were driving the car before working on it, be careful, as the rotors will be hot.
  • If you remove any of the brake hoses, they need to be tightened to 18 Nm.

Step-by-step instructions.

  1. Loosen your lug nuts, do not remove them yet.
  2. Jack up the car. Make sure to secure it with jack stands.   mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads01
  3. Release the parking brake. Since you will be removing the rotors, you must ensure the parking brakes are loose. Otherwise, you cannot remove the rotors without damaging the brake shoes. If you need to replace the rear brake shoes as well, check out remove and install emergency brake shoes M-Class W163
  4. Remove the brake fluid reservoir cap.
    Mercedes_ML_w163_brake fluid reservoir location
  5. Remove the bolts on the rear of the brake caliper.mercedes_parking brakes diy05
  6. Remove the brake caliper. Make sure you secure the caliper. Don’t let it hang or put pressure on the hydraulic brake hose.  Mercedes_ML_w163_front_brake_pads_diy15
  7. Remove the support plate. mercedes_parking brakes diy11
  8. Remove the security bolt. mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads03
  9. Remove the rear rotor. Make sure you have your parking/emergency brakes released. mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads12
  10. Install new rotor. Clean the surface where the rotors sit. You can apply a thin coat of grease if you like so that removal will be easy next time.Mercedes_ML_w163_front_brake_pads_diy19
  11. Install the locking bolt and tighten it to 23 Nm. mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads32
  12. Install new brake pads on the calipers. First, you must install the inner brake pad into the piston. Then install the outer brake bad. Make sure to clean the surfaces where the brake pads slide.  You will need to press the cylinder in the caliper. You will need a caliper press for this; we have found that Lang Caliper Press Tool works great.mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads36 Ensure you install a new brake wear sensor if your old one is worn out. mercedes_rear_disk_brake_pads34

  13. Install the caliper.  Tighten the two bolts in the back of the caliper to 23 Nm.mercedes_parking brakes diy05
  14. Reinstall the rest in reverse order.
  15. Remember to put back the cap on the brake fluid reservoir.
  16. Start the car but do not drive yet. Press the brake pedal a couple of times until the pedal feels hard to press.

VIDEO: How to change rear brake pads on ML320 1998-2005.

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