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DIY How to fix buzzing noise from door speaker in a Mercedes Benz

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace a lousy door speaker in a Mercedes-Benz E Class. If one of the speakers in your car has “blown,” it’s time to replace it. Do you have serious sound distortion when you play any music? Older speakers wear out and start to crackle, even if you don’t blast your music. When a speaker blows, it makes a noise you can’t miss, and the sounds it emits are distorted. This article will show you how to replace a speaker on an E Class W211. These instructions should also help the CLK W209 and CLS owners.

If the buzzing noise comes from the rear sub-woofer installed right under the rear glass, you may want to unplug the wire until you can replace it. You will not notice much difference in sound quality without the sub-woofer unless you always blast your stereo.

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If you need a temporary fix, try to use the Fade and Balance buttons on your car stereo not to route sound to that speaker. For example, if the speaker in the front passenger door is terrible, set most of the sound to the rear speakers and shift the balance slightly to the left. This is not a perfect solution, but temporary until you get the time to replace the bad speaker.
  1. Remove the triangle cover near the mirror. Move the little triangle to the side. You can unplug the wires if you like and put the triangle away.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace09
  2. Use a flat plastic object (or flat-head screwdriver) to remove the cover near the door lining. mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace12
  3. Unscrew the bolts shown below.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace22
  4. Unscrew the door lock pin until it comes off.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace06
  5. Remove the cover behind the armrest.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace14
  6. Unscrew the two bolts hidden under the cover.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace15
  7. Pry the door panel using a wedge. It is recommended to apply pressure on the mounting clips if you can see them to avoid the retainer tabs/clips from breaking.
    You can get new ones here if you break any damaged mounting clips, which most likely will breakmercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace23
  8. Lift the door panel and move the panel a couple of inches away from the door.  mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace24
  9. Remove the door open cable from the inner part of the door panel.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace31
  10. Unplug the electrical connectors between the door panel and the front door control module. Note: Don’t unplug every connector from the door control module; only the wires to the door panel.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace30
  11. Remove the door foil around the speaker. You don’t need to remove all of the door foil.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace33
  12. Unplug the electrical connector to the speaker.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace29
  13. Lift the little lock tab and rotate the door speaker slightly to remove it.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace34
  14. Install the new speaker by twisting it in place.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace36
  15. Connect the door handle cable and plug in all the wires you unplugged from your door control module.
  16. Install the door panel sliding it down, and ensure it engages in the channel at the top of the door near the glass.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace42
  17. Push the door panel in and install all the screws you removed earlier.mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace38 mercedes-benz-door-speaker-replace43
If you need to replace one of the speakers, consider replacing both on each side of the car. Even better, you can replace all of them with upgraded speakers. If you look at Amazon, you can find a set of upgraded speakers Alpine or Rockford Fosgate speaker sets, for around $50.

VIDEO: The first few minutes in the video below will show you how to remove the door panel. The rest of the video shows how to replace the power seat control module. 
YouTube video

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