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Mercedes Radar Sensor Problems & Solutions

Mercedes-Benz radar system may malfunction and set errors in various Mercedes modules including Parktronic System, Collision Prevention Assist Plus and Distronic Plus, autonomous driving, Active Brake Assist Cross Traffic, etc.

The cameras and sensors could be defective, but often times such problems are because sensors are covered with dirt, ice or snow.

If you are experiencing intermittent malfunctions (such as Collision Prevention Assist Plus Inoperative Error, Assist Graphis, Attention Asst inoperative etc) the first thing that you need to do is clean the various Mercedes radar sensors and cameras. In this guide, we will show you where various Mercedes sensors and cameras are located.

Cleaning Mercedes Radar Sensors & Cameras

Clean the following Mercedes radar sensors and cameras just like you would clean your windshield. Clean Mercedes cameras like you would clean prescription glasses. Be careful to not press on the sensors too hard. Pressing on the sensors too hard can cause the sensors to come off or get loose which you don’t want to do.

Use glass cleaning wipes to safely clean Mercedes radar sensors and cameras is easy in less than five minutes.

Grill mounted sensor

Clean the Distronic Sensor mounted on the front grill. Remove dirt that may have accumulated on the sensor.

Windshield mounted camera and sensors

At the top of the windshield, you have at least a sensor but may also have a camera as well. Keep this part of the windshield always clean. Use window cleaner to rime any dirt. Also, inspect this part of the windshield for any rock chips. Rock chips in the part can cause these sensors to malfunction.

Bumper Sensors

Keep the bumper sensors clean at all times. These sensors can get dirty very easily. Use a clean cloth to remove dirt and grime for the sensors. Be careful to not press on the sensor too hard as this can cause the sensor to get loose.

Side mirror cameras

Clean the sensors and cameras on your side mirrors. Gently remove snow, ice or dirt that may have been building upon these sensors.

Rear and Front Cameras

Clean the front camera located right below the Mercedes-Benz star.

Right above the rear license plate, you should have a camera. Clean any dirt from the lens.

Distance Collision Radar Sensor

The distance sensor on Mercedes-Benz is tricky to locate because the sensor is mounted right behind the front bumper. You can’t see it with your naked eye. The picture above shows the Mercedes distance sensor location. Clean dirt or ice from the front bumper.

The front right radar sensor is right next to the tow hook. Don’t install a tow hook license plate holder and mount your license plate here as this will hinder the performance of the radar sensor mounted right behind it.

Depending on the options on your Mercedes, you will have cameras and sensors on various locations. Note that you may not have all these sensors installed on your vehicle depending on the options installed on your Mercedes-Benz.

Troubleshooting Mercedes Radar System

Clean  Mercedes sensors and cameras won’t always fix your problem. If you are getting a constant error message on your dashboard stating that a system is inoperative or disabled or the radar system is not working, further troubleshooting is necessary.

The next step that you or a Mercedes mechanic will need to perform is to read fault codes from various modules. For this, you will need a scanner that can read fault codes from all Mercedes-Benz modules.

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