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Mercedes Benz SLK-Class (R170) Problems

Mercedes Benz SLK ConvertibleThe R170 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230K pumped up some excitement when released due to its electric folding hardtop. Sold at a considerable number just in the first year. It was released in 1997 as a two-seat convertible, rear-wheel drive consisting of SLK 230 Kompressor. A V6-equipped SLK320 was available in 2001. It was equipped with the Mercedes-Benz bulletproof five-speed 722.6 automatic transmissions.

The 722.6 tranny mission was the most advanced transmission at the time, which could learn the driving style of the driver and adjust the shift point accordingly. A great feature, but it also made the SLK change gear on corners when you don’t need it. Luckily the SLK was available with a manual transmission as well.

Common Problems SLK R170

A few issues were reported with the 5-speed auto box. Also, keep in mind that the SLK has very little boot space. If you want a used SLK, check it for extreme rust issues, especially around wheel arches and door handles.

Ensure the rooftop opens and closes legitimately. Disappointment with the rooftop and windows component of an SLK over nine years of age can viably discount the car because it can cost more to repair than it is worth.

The lower ball joints on the R170 are a common weak point. This can be a costly repair if you take the car to a shop that charges over $100/hr, but it also can be DIY if you are not afraid. A set of ball joints for the R170 costs less than $100 if you search online. For example we found R170 Front Lower Ball Joint Set on Amazon.

The retractable top of the SLK has been known to develop issues over the years. Typically the hydraulic cylinders leak oil, causing the hardtop convertible to operate slowly. Eventually, the cylinder leak becomes too large; you lose too much hydraulic fluid.

If the hardtop does not work, check the hydraulic fluid reservoir to make sure it has enough fluid, if it does not, then add to bring it to the max level line. You can use Hydraulic fluid: Mercedes part#A 000 989 91 03 10 or Febi Bilstein # 02615 Hydraulic Fluid ZH-M


Another thing you should check if the convertible is not working is the convertible relay.

It is worth buying a used Mercedes –Benz SLK R170, especially if you plan to keep it as a weekend car. If you find one in good condition, you will enjoy the fantastic experience of its irresistible combination of speed and beauty.

If you want to learn more about the SLK R170, visit these training manuals we found online. This is an external link; you will leave MercedesMedic.com once you click.
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Troubleshooting Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Problems

The Mercedes-Benz is a complex vehicle, especially the convertible top operation. If the top isn’t working, you need a good scanner connecting to the convertible top unit and reading fault codes from all systems. Dealers use the Star scanner, but you can use the YOUCANIC full system scanner to look at all the control systems, including the convertible control unit.

The YOUCANIC full system diagnostic scanner is a powerful tool to help you troubleshoot Mercedes-Benz problems quickly and efficiently. This scanner can communicate with all the control units in your Mercedes-Benz, including the engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more. By accessing real-time data from these control units, you can pinpoint the root cause of the problem and take appropriate action to resolve it.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your engine, transmission, or other systems in your Mercedes-Benz, the YOUCANIC diagnostic scanner can provide valuable insight into what’s going on under the hood. This scanner can help you identify error codes, read live data, and perform special functions like reset adaptations or component tests. With this information, you can make informed decisions about repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly.

Overall, the YOUCANIC full system diagnostic scanner is invaluable for any Mercedes-Benz owner or technician looking to troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately. With its user-friendly interface and powerful diagnostic capabilities, you can save time, money, and frustration by diagnosing and resolving issues with your Mercedes-Benz quickly and efficiently.

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