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DIY How to change rear shock absorber strut E Class 03-09 Mercedes-Benz


The rear shock absorber strut in the 03-09 Mercedes-Benz E-Class plays a critical role in providing a comfortable and smooth ride for the passengers while ensuring optimal handling and stability of the vehicle. The shock absorber strut is a part of the suspension system. It is responsible for absorbing the shocks and vibrations caused by road irregularities, such as potholes, bumps, and rough terrain.

This repair guide will show you how to remove and install a new shock absorber on the rear of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211. The E320 rear suspension is equipped with shock and no struts. Unless you have an airmatic, you will need an air suspension bag. We have provided links below to some of the most popular shocks on Amazon for the E-Class. Our recommendation would be Bilstein shocks if you want to stay with OEM and ride quality.

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E300, E320CDI, E320 Bluetec, E350, E550 E55 AMG, E63 AMG
Years: 20032004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Difficulty: Medium
DIY Cost $140-$200 Non AirMatic
$410-$490 AirMatic
Time: 90 Minutes
Frequency: Between 50,000-80,000 miles.

Preparation warning

You must jack up the car to remove the rear shock absorber. Use jack stands to secure the car, or you risk getting injured.

jack stands

Parts & Tools Required

When working on the suspension, it is recommended that you change shocks and struts as a set. Instead of replacing one individual shock or strut, replace both of them on the front or the back. Here is a list of shocks that will fit your E Class W211.




You don’t need any special tools besides your sockets and a wrench set for this repair. If you don’t have a wrench set, here are some Top Selling Metric Wrench Sets on Amazon.

Do It Yourself Repair Instructions

1. Loosen the lug nuts before you raise the vehicle.

loosen lug nuts, remove

2. Raise the vehicle using the jack that you will find in your trunk, or you could use an 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack. Make sure to place jack stands under the car to secure it. You don’t need to raise the vehicle too high; you will need to access the bolt on top of the shock absorber from the trunk.

3. Access the trunk and remove the side paneling. There should be several plastic clips and also a couple of screws for you may need to use a Torx Wrench Set to remove.

4. Remove the nut on top of the shock absorber. You will need to counter-hold the shock rod to break loose the nut.

5. Go under the lower control arm and remove the plastic cover. The plastic cover is held in place with a plastic pin retainer. If you brake any of them, you could use a bolt and nut, or you could use 192 piece Black Nylon Shield and Push Type Retainer Assortment Kit.

6. Remove the bolt at the bottom end of the shock absorber where it connects to the lower control arm.

7. Remove the old shock absorber and replace it with the new one.


8. Ensure to install the rubber O-ring, washer, and all the parts as the shock manufacturer recommends. Tighten the bolt that connects the shock absorber to the lower (spring) control arm to 55 Nm. Tighten the bolt on top of the shock to the frame to 20 Nm.

9. Install the black panel inside the trunk and replace the tire.

10. You should do the final tightening of the bolts with the vehicle lowered and the wheels on the ground.

You are done. Congratulations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my shock absorbers?

If you have AirMatic suspension, you don’t need to worry about replacing the shock absorber unless you leak into the system. For standard shock, you should replace them, preferably every 50,000 miles. Most shock absorbers are not effective if they go over 80,000 miles.

Does my E-Class have Air Matic Suspension?

AirMatic was standard on the E500 and E55, but the E320 did not come with air suspension. Airmatic was optional for the E320 on the US market. Look for the Air Matic Button on the dashboard. You will not have a button if the car is not equipped with airmatic suspension.

Wagon models have rear air springs for self-leveling purposes.

My Mercedes-Benz E Class drops overnight.

If your Mercedes-Benz is dropping/lowering when you leave the car park, you have Air Matic suspension, and one of the air suspension bags has failed and needs to be replaced.

Applicable Part Numbers

2003 -2009 MERCEDES E550 E55 E500 REAR SHOCK ABSORB AIR-MATIC 2113262800 W211

211 326 68 00 / 20-070915
2113266800 / 211 326 68 00

Torque Specifications

  • The nut that attaches the shock absorber to the frame – 20Nm
  • Bolt that attaches shock absorber to lower rear control arm – 55Nm



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