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Door Panel Removal ML320 ML430 1998-2005 W163 Mercedes-Benz


This article will show how to remove the front door panel, driver, or passenger on a Mercedes-Benz. Removing the door panel is an easy task that you can accomplish in as little as 20 min. You will need a set of Torx sockets.

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: ML320 ML430 ML500
ML350 ML55 AMG
Years: 1998-2005
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: $0
Time: 20 Minutes

Parts & Tools Required

To remove the door panel, you will need your screwdrivers, trim plastic wedge but also must have Torx Bit Socket Set if you need to take any other component off the door.

DIY How to remove the front door panel from an ML-Class. 1998-2005 W163

Step 1 Remove the outside mirror plastic cover

Using a plastic wedge, pull out the outside mirror plastic cover. It is held in place with clips; no screws need to be removed.

STEP 2 Remove the grab handle cover

Remove the plastic cover on the grab handle. Use a plastic wedge or a flat screwdriver to pry out the cover. Be careful not to damage the door panel.

STEP 3 Remove two screws under the grab handle

Once you remove the door grab handle cover, you will notice two screws underneath. They will either be Philips screws or Torx screws that you need to remove.

STEP 4 Remove SRS Logo on the door panel

Remove the SRS logo on the door panel using a plastic wedge or a flat screwdriver. You should see a screw that you will need to remove.

STEP 5 Remove the panel

Use a plastic wedge to pry out the door panel. Several clips hold the door panel in place that can be removed easily. To completely remove the door panel, lift it slightly once the clips have been removed.

STEP 6 Remove the door handle release cable

Remove the door handle release cable. Pull the cable away and slide it out through the slot.

STEP 7 Remove the door lock pin

Remove the door lock pin by pressing on the two tabs shown in the picture.

You are done. Congratulations!


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  • Door Panel Insulation Liner LH Rear 163 730 0154
  • Interior Door Panel Rear Right Mercedes W163 ML320 ML430 ML500  OEM 1637304070
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VIDEO How to remove door panel ML 1998-2005 W163

YouTube video

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Applicable Models

Models: ML320 ML430 ML350 ML500 ML55 AMG
Years: 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005


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