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Mercedes-Benz Collection Program Explained

Mercedes-Benz collection program allows you to rent vehicles from the dealer for a monthly fee. You can change between available models at any time or as outlined in your contract. At the moment the program is limited to a few cities. What is included Change to a different Mercedes-Benz model …

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Converting 4Matic Mercedes to Rear Wheel Drive

Recently we got a member asking if a 4Matic Mercedes-Benz can be converted to a rear wheel drive. First, why would anyone want to do this? The reason is often because a Mercedes-Benz owner has bad CV joints or bad differential on the front. Because those repairs can range from …

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Why do other makes copy Mercedes-Benz?


Have you ever wondered why other car manufacturers copy designs and technology from Mercedes-Benz? If you own a Mercedes-Benz sooner or later you will start to wonder.  For me, it all started when  Kia Amanti came to the market over a decade ago. It just happened to look a lot like the Mercedes E-Class that …

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In Albania, Mercedes-Benz rules the road!

tirana center square

By: David M.H. Mclemore Communism lost it’s grip in Albania in 1991, just 25 years ago, and suddenly everyone had more rights than they knew what to do with. This meant complete freedom of religion, for one thing. Ever heard of the Bektashi? They are a Muslim sect with Christian components which are allowed …

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