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mercedes benz acronyms abbreviations

Mercedes-Benz MBZ Acronym List and Abbreviations

Mercedes-Benz MBZ Acronym List and Abbreviations


Here is a list of Mercedes-Benz MBZ Acronym List and Abbreviations. Use the search function to look up any abbreviations or codes.

A/CAir Conditioning - Automatic -Tempmatic
AACAutomatic Air Conditioning
AAMAll Activity Module
ABSupplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
ABCActive body control
ABSAntilock Brake System
ACSAutomatic clutch system
ACSRR Automatic Child Seat Recognition
ADM Automatic Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror
AHE Trailer recognition
AHV Trailer coupling
AIR Secondary Air Injection
AKR Anti-Knock Regulation
AP Accelerator Pedal
APS Auto pilot system
AS Antenna System
ASD Automatic Locking Differential
ASR Anti Slip Regulation / Acceleration Skid Control
AT Automatic Transmission
ATA Anti-theft alarm system
BA Backup Assist
BAROBarometric Pressure
BAS Brake Assist System
BCAPPC Barometric Pressure-charge Air Pressure Compensation
BDC Bottom Dead Center
BM Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
BOUBrake Operating Unit
BPC Barometric Pressure Compensation
CA Closing Assist
CAN Controller Area Network
CC Cruise Control (Tempomat)
CCM Combination Control Module
CDC Cd Changer
CF Convenience Feature
CFI Continuous Fuel Injection
CKA Crank Angle
CKP Crankshaft Position
CL Central Locking
CLUSInstrument Cluster
CMP Camshaft Position
CNS Communication and Navigation System
CST Cabriolet Soft Top
CTELCellular Telephone
CTP Closed Throttle Position (Idle)
CTU Central Triggering Unit
CVConvertible soft top
DAS Driver Authorization System
DFI Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
DI Distributor Ignition System
DM (USA) Diagnostic Module (Emissions)
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
EA Electronic Accelerator
EAG Electronic automatic transmission control (Auto transmission)
EAM Extended activity module (As of model year 2000)
EATCElectronic Automatic Transmission Control
EBP Electronic Brake Proportioning
EBRElectronic Brake Regulation
EBR Engine Brake Regulation
ECL Engine Coolant Level
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
EDC Electronic Diesel Control
EDR Electronic Diesel Regulation
EDS Electronic Diesel System
EDW Anti-theft warning system
EFP Electronic Accelerator
E-GasElectronic Accelerator
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGS Electronic Transmission Control Gear system (Auto transmission)
EI Electronic Ignition (distributorless)
EIFIElectronic In-line Fuel Injection
EIS Electronic ignition switch ELCODE(DAS 3)
EL Exterior Lighting
EMSCElectric Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
EPC Electronic Power Control
EPH Parking aid
ERE Electronic In-line Fuel System
ESA Electric Seat Adjustment
ESC Electric Steering Column Adjustment
ESCMEngine System Control Module
ESP Electronic Stability Program
ETC Electronic Transmission Control
ETR Emergency Tensioning Retractor
ETS Electronic Traction System
EVAPP Evaporative Emission Control System
EVE Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
EZL Distributor Ignition System
FAN Fanfare Horns
FFS Frame Floor System
FOM Folding Outside Mirrors
FP Fuel Pump
FTC Front transmission control
GIM Governor Impulse Method
GM Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
GRM Gear recognition module
GUB Seat belt extender
GUS Seat belt tensioner
HAL Rear wheel steering
HAU Automatic Heater
HCS Headlamp Cleaning System
HEATAutomatic Heater
HFM Hot Film Engine Management
HFS Hands Free System
HHT Hand Held Tester
HM Heated Mirrors
HORNHorn system
HRA Headlamp range adjustment
HS Heated Seats
HZS Additional trunk lid lock
IAT Intake Air Temperature
IC Instrument Cluster
IDC In Dash Controller
IFI Electronic In-line Fuel System(diesel)
IFZ Infrared Remote Central Locking
IL Interior Lighting
IR Infrared
IRCLL Infrared Remote Central Locking
IRM Inside Rearview Mirror
IRS Interior compartment protection
ISC Idle Speed Control
KAF Retractable rear head restraints
KE Continuous Injection System (Cis)
KFB Convenience Feature
KGKeyless go
KI Instrument Cluster
KLA Air Conditioning
KS Knock Sensor
KSS Knock Sensor System
Lamp(Check Engine)
LCP Lower control panel
LH LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 1 (1-6 or 1-8 Cylinders)
LH2 LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 2 (7-12 Cylinders)
LHS Left Hand Steering
LLR Cruise Control
LOC Low Compression
LS Loudspeaker System
LSPower steering
MAF Mass Air Flow
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure
ME Motor Electronics
MSC Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
MT Manual Transmission
MVA Manifold Vacuum Assist
MWH Main Wiring Harness
NS Network System (CAN)
O2S Oxygen (O2) Sensor
OBD On-board Diagnostics
OC Oxidation Catalytic Convertor
OCP Overhead control panel
ORM Outside Rearview Mirror
OSB Orthopedic Seat Backrest
PDC - Predrive Check
PL Power Lock
PML Speed-sensitive Power Steering
PMP Partial Intake Manifold Preheater
PNP Park/neutral Position
PS Power Steering
PSE Pneumatic System Equipment
PTS Parktronic System
PW Power Windows
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
RB Roll Bar Control
RCL Remote Central Locking
RD Radio
RFH Reversing aid
RFL Radio frequency locking
RHR Retractable Rear Head Restraints
RHS Rear Heated Seats
RPM Revolutions Per Minute (Engine Speed)
RSRoadster softtop
RST Roadster Soft Top
RTG Retractable Trunk Lid Grip
RTR Remote Trunk Release
RV Roadster Soft Top
RWD Rear Window Defroster
SAM Signal Acquisition Module
SBC Sensotronic brake Control
SBE Seat Belt Extender
SEM Security module (up to model year 1999)
SHD Tilting/sliding roof
SHI Closing aid (Power closing)
SLO Starter Lock-out
SMS Service Microfiche System
SOR Seat Occupied recognition
SPS Speed-sensitive power steering
SR Sliding/Pop-up Roof
SRA Headlamp wash/wipe system
SRS Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
STH Stationary Heater
SVMCMSpecial vehicle multifunction control module
TB Throttle Body
TC Transmission Control
TC Turbo Charger
TCM Transmission Control Module
TD Speed Signal (Time Division) (EZL)
TDC Top Dead Center
TIC Transistorized Ignition Control
TN Speed Signal (EZL/AKR)
TPC Tire Pressure Control
TS Towing Sensor
TVV Tank Ventilation Valve
TWC Three Way Catalytic Convertor
UCP Upper control panel
ÜRB Roll Bar Control
VAF Volume Air Flow
VHG Retractable trunk lid handle
VPVacuum pump brake booster
VRVario roof / Rollover bar (Electrohydraulic softtop)
VSS Vehicle Speed Signal
WOT Wide Open Throttle (Full Load)
WS Wiper System
ZUV Additional vacuum supply
ZVCentral locking system
MMMercedes Medic 🙂

Download Mercedes-Benz Acronym and Abbreviations List PDF

What do Mercedes-Benz car model names mean?

Wondering what the model names mean for the E-Class, SLK-Class, S-Class, C-Class, G-Class, CLS-Class, ML-Class, etc.?  Here is a description of the different classes. What does D, 4MATIC, CDI or K stand for on a Mercedes-Benz badge? Here you will find those answers. 

  • “C” a coupe or cabriolet body style.
  • “D” the vehicle is equipped with a diesel engine.
  • “E”(for “Einspritzung“) assigned to gasoline / petrol models. Einspritzung = Injection
  • “G” symbolizes the “Geländewagen” off-road vehicle.
  • “K” for (“Kompressor“), turbo equipped engine. 
  • “L” indicates “Leicht” (lightweight) for sporting models.
  • Lang” (long-wheelbase) for sedan models.
  • “R” for “Rennen” (racing), used for racing cars. 
  • “S” for Sonderklasse “Special class” for flagship luxury models.
  • “T” for “Touring” and a estate or station wagon body style.
  • 4MATIC” means the vehicle has all-wheel-drive.
  • BlueTEC” symbolizes a diesel engine with selective catalytic reduction exhaust after treatment.
  • BlueEFFICIENCY” special fuel economy features such as direct injection, start-stop system, aerodynamic modifications, and more. 
  • CGI” (Charged Gasoline Injection) indicates gasoline direct injection.
  • CDI” (Common-rail Direct Injection) indicates a common-rail diesel engine. 
  • Hybrid” indicates a gasoline- or diesel-electric hybrid. 
  • NGT” means a natural gas-fueled engine. 
  • Kompressor” symbolizes a supercharged engine.
  • Turbo” designates a turbocharged engine.  Used on Mercedes-Benz models such as A-Class, B-Class, E – Class and GLK-Class.


Mercedes-Benz Models


A-Class   – Hatchback

B-Class   – Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

C-Class   – Saloon, Estate & Coupé

CL-Class – Luxury Coupé

CLA-Class – 4 Door Coupé

CLS-Class – 4 Door Coupé and Estate

E-Class – Saloon, Estate, Coupé and Cabriolet

G-Class – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

GL-Class   – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

GLA-Class – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

GLK-Class  – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

M-Class – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

R-Class – Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

S-Class   – Luxury Sedan

SL-Class – Roadster

SLK-Class  – Roadster

SLS AMG  – Coupé and Roadster.

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