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location of fuse box panel CLS w219

CLS 2006-2011 Fuse Box Panel Location, Diagram, CLS500 CLS550 CLS55 CLS63 AMG

Fuse box location in the engine / interior / trunk CLS 2005-2011


Mercedes-Benz models such as CLS500, CLS550 and CLS55 AMG, has fuse boxes in several locations. There are three main fuse panels and several pre-fuse boxes. Where are the Mercedes-Benz CLS fuse box location?

  • Main fuse and relay box in the engine bay. Left / driver side of engine.
  • Interior fuse box. Located on the left side of dash.
  • Main fuse and relay box in trunk.
  • Front prefuse box. Passenger side front fender.
  • N118 Unit 3 and 4. Fuel Pump Control Unit. Located in the trunk, Right side.
  • Rear prefuse box.

Models: CLS500 CLS550 CLS55 AMG

Years: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 W 219

Fuses box location engine main fuse box

The main fuse box is located in the engine bay on the left side / driver side. 

Fuses and Relays in the engine comparment. Here you will find fuses 43 to 67. The unit where the fuses are installed is also called the driver side SAM control unit (N10/1) which has fuses and relays.


Fuse NumerPurposeAmere Rating
43Engine Electronics ME SFI Control Unit N3/1015
44CDI Control Unit15
45AIRmatic N517.5
46Automatic transmission Electroonic controller unit N15/3 Y3/87.5
47ESP Control Unit5
48SRS Air bag Restraint System Control Unit N2/77.5
49SRS Restraint system. Tension retractor7.5
50VICS Power supply5
52Glove comparment light / switch,
Instrument cluster,
Light switch,
Headlamp range adjustment
53Horn relay15
54Cigarete lighter, light15
55VICS power supply7.5
56windshield wiper motor40
57Engine ME Control Unit N3/10,
Rear SAM Control Unit N10/2
58Ignition coils15
59Starter relay15
60Oil cooler fan10
61Electric air pump40
62Backup relay30
64Light switch, N22/77.5
65EIS Control unit N73,
Steering lock

Location of interior cabin fuses on a CLS W219 2005-2011

In the fuse box located on the side of the dash, driver side, you will find fuses 21 to 42. This is the interor fuse box, F34.

FuseDesignationAmere Rating
21Door control unit, rear passenger side30
22Door control unit N69, front passenger side30
23Seat adjusment, memory for passenger.30
24Keyhless Go, N102,  N69/8, N69/925
25Stationary heater unit A620
26CD Changer7.5
27not used
28Radio, Navigation, COMAND, Stereo, Audio15
29Steering column,
light switch,
EIS control unit N73
30Dat link connector7.5
31Upper control panel5
32L. rear door control unit30
33L front door control unit30
34Seat adjustment, memory DRIVER30
35Wight sensin system5
36Heated Seats25
37AIR Matic, ADS control unit15
38Head restraints7.5
39Control panel control unit, LOWER5
40Headed steering wheel.
Seat ventilation
41Central gateway5
42Left side (driver side) control unit. N10/1, Engine Electronics.7.5
Fuse box diagram trunk location

Fuse box location in trunk.  Auxiliarly fuses.

The fuse box insde the cabin is located on the side of dash, driver’s side. Here you will find fuses 1 though 20.  Relays A to H are also located here.

1Seat adjustment switch, driver.30
2Seat adjustment switch, passenger30
3Tire pressure monitor,
4Fuel pump. Also check fuel pump relay.20
6Audio Gate AGW N93/140
8Antenna Amplifier,
Alarm signal,
9Overhaed control panel unit25
10Heated rear window40
12Cigartte lighter, outlet 12volt trunk, luggage compartment15
13interior socket15
15Fuel filler cap10
16Heated seats left and right,
Seat ventilation
19Multicontour seat, seat pneumatic pump M4020
20Rear window roller screen blind7.5

What fuse type / size do I need to use?

If any of the fuses has blown you need to replace it with a new fuse with the same ampere rating. You will need a Blade Fuse Type. You can purchase a box with 100 CLS fuses for your under $20.

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