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Must Watch – New AA-Class Electric Mercedes-Benz

Don’t throw away your rechargeable AA batteries, there is a new use for them. The newly introduced luxury sedan – Mercedes-Benz AA-Class, is fully powered by 9648 AA batteries. This zero emission Mercedes-Benz only gets up to 52 mph. It looks like it can give Tesla Model S a run for its money, at least in the City driving.

What’s more surprising is that Mercedes-Benz is using the C-Class W204 chassis for their new electric car. This Mercedes-Benz seems to have lifetime drivetrain warranty which you don’t get with any other Mercedes-Benz. That said, you don’t get warranty on the AA batteries.

This new use of AA batteries is changing the electrical car world. It looks like Mercedes-Benz AA-Class is going to be Tesla’s main competitor.

Thankfully, the AA-Class only exists on Saturday Night Live sketch by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, pretending to be the spokeswoman for the new Mercedes AA Class.

Watch the hilarious clip to see what an AA-Class would look like.

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