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Locate the air filter on your mercedes benz

How to change engine air filter


How to change the engine air filter on your Mercedes-Benz. Applicable for Engine Air Filter for Mercedes Benz W203 S203 W210 S210 W163 6110940004. This is an easy job and can be completed in just a few minutes. Each Mercedes-Benz engine needs a clean air filter to run efficiently. The air that gets mixed with the gasoline needs to be as clean as possible. The function of the air filter is to collect dirt, pollen, debris, and dust.

Applicable models

  • W203 C220 CDI C320 C230 C240
  • W210 E220 E320 E430 E420
  • W163 ML270 CDI ML320 ML430 ML500

Parts Required

Mercedes w210 engine Air Filter E320 E220 E430

How to change your engine air filter


  • New Air Filter

Buy a new engine air filter. Most air filters are inexpensive, even for luxury cars. If you would like to save even more on auto parts you can purchase the new filter online, links provided.


  • Locate the air filter

Locate the air filter on your mercedes benzOpen the hood and locate the air filter housing. The air filter housing is a large plastic box located on the left/right side of the engine. You will also see a large hose going from the air filter housing to the engine.

  • Open air filter box

unclip the air filter tabsOpen the air filter box by releasing the locking tabs. Unclasp the large metal clips that keep down the top part of the box.

  • Remove the air filter

Remove the dirty engine air filter from Mercedes-benz

Pull out the old air filter. Inspect the old filter. Place the new and old filter side by side to compare. You will be able to check the condition of the air filter. If it wasn’t replaced regularly it may be completely dark and you may find all kinds of debris in there.

  • Install new air filter

new air filter installedInsert the new air filter in the box. Make sure it sits properly otherwise you may not be able to close the air filter housing correctly.

Engine Air Filter for Mercedes Benz W203 S203 W210 E320  S210 E430  W163 ML320 ML350 ML500 6110940004

Why should you change the air filter regularly?

Improved fuel economy. If the engine air filter gets clogged or dirty it will restrict the air flowing into the engine. That means that the air-to-fuel ratio is not within manufacturer’s specifications therefore the engine will burn more fuel than required.

Longer engine life. By changing the engine air filter regularly you will be ensuring that the life of your car is not shortened. Serious damage can be caused by dirt if it gets allowed into the engine combustion chamber. It is a wiser decision to spend a few dollars on a new air filter than spend thousands on potential problems on top of spending more at the fuel pump.


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