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DIY Remove and install FRONT shock absorber 1998-2005 ML320 ML500 ML350 W163


Replacing the front shock absorbers is one of the easiest tasks you can tackle on you ML. These instructions apply to 1998-2005 ML320 ML430 ML350 ML500 W163. Below you will find step by step instructions, a video at the end of the article, related part numbers plus torque specifications. The shocks are relatively inexpensive and will improve the ride quality dramatically. No more bouncing all over the place or floating like a boat in the highway. Sachs brand is one of the best suspension brands. Their shocks usually sell for over $500 per set. The best price we could find for a set of two was $350 on Amazon, see link here. 

Sachs Shock Absorber Mercedes Benz W163

Applicable Part Numbers

  • 163 326 11 00, 163 326 1100, 1633261100
    • Chassis (years) Model note 163.154 (1998-2003) ml320 from ch# A 145273
    • 163.154 (1998-2003) ml320 from ch# X 707756
    • 163.157 (2003-2005) ml350
    • 163.172 (1999-2001) ml430 from ch# A 145273
    • 163.172 (1999-2001) ml430 from ch# X 707756
    • 163.174 (1999-2001) ml55 amg
    • 163.175 (2002-2005) ml500
  • 163 326 12 00, 163 326 1200, 1633261200
    • 163.154: 1998-2003: ml320: thru ch# A 145272
    • 163.154: 1998-2003: ml320: thru ch# X 707756
    • 163.172: 1999-2001: ml430: thru ch# A 145272
    • 163.172: 1999-2001: ml430: thru ch# X 707756

Step by step instructions on how to replace the front shock absorber on a 1998-2005 ML W163.

  1. Remove the wheel.
  2. Remove the fender liner. Another alternative is to open the hood and access the bolt from the top. To do this you will have to remove the intake air filter.w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_49
  3. You don’t need to raise the car. It needs to be with the wheel on the round when you do this. Once you remove the intake air housing you will see the nut as shown below. w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_51
  4. Remove the nut at the top. You will need to counter hold the shaft of the shock. w163_front_shock_ml320_ml430_ml500
  5. Remove the bolt that holds the shock absorber to the lower transverse control arm.w163_front_shock_diy03
  6. Remove the old shock and install the new one in reverse order. See how easy that was! w163_front_shock_diy05
    Note: The passenger side shock you can replace easily by removing the intake air filter. The driver side can be replaced by accessing it from the engine bay as well without having to remove the wheel fender liner. There is less space to access the nut at the top of the shock for the driver side but it can be done. Make sure to keep the car with the wheel on the ground when you replace your shocks.


VIDEO: W163 Mercedes Benz ML Class Front shock absorber install


Torque Specifications

  • Bolt connecting front shock absorber to the lower control arm: 130 Nm 
  • Bolt at the top of the shock absorber, aka self locking nut, connecting to SUV frame: 30 Nm

Instructions apply to:

2003Mercedes-BenzML55 AMGAllAll
2002Mercedes-BenzML55 AMGAllAll
2001Mercedes-BenzML55 AMGAllAll
2000Mercedes-BenzML55 AMGAllAll


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