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Fix Replace Emergency Park Brake Release Handle Mercedes-Benz


Did your emergency/parking brake release fall off? Or maybe it is no longer releasing the parking brakes? It may be an easy repair, so you must check this first. This repair guide will show you how to fix and replace the Emergency/Park Brake Release Handle. If you can’t release the brakes because the release is loose, broken, fell off, or has come off the tracks, consider fixing it instead of replacing the release. In this case, we needed to fix a handle that had become loose. This guide will also show you the steps if you need to replace the handle.

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E CLA SLK ML S Class
Years: 2000 2001 2002 2003
2004 2005 2006 2007
2008 2009 2010 2011
Difficulty: Easy
Cost $45-$90
Time: 20 Minutes

Tools Required

If you are trying to fix the parking brake release, all that you will need is a set of screwdrivers and a set of Interior Trim Removal Wedges.

When replacing the parking release handle, you will also need a Torx Socket Set

Parts Required

You may be able to fix your existing park brake release and not need a new emergency/park brake handle. In most cases, the release cable may need to be reinserted into the channel. Check with your dealer for the correct part number if you need a new part.

DIY How to fix or replace your handbrake/emergency release

Step 1 Locate the Emergency/Park Brake

Locate the Emergency / Park Brake release handle. You can see how the broken release is hanging off in this E Class.

Step 2 Remove the side panel cover.

Remove the side dashboard cover to access the rear of the emergency/park brake release. You will need to use a trim removal wedge. Any of these Trim Panel Plastic Wedge Removal Tools should help you with that.

Step 3 Check/remove the cable.

FIX: Look at the cable if you are trying to fix the handle. It will be loose, as shown in the picture. To fix the parking brake handle, pull back on the black part of the cable and slide the cable into the designated slot.

REPLACE: If you are going to replace the handle, you need to pull it out of the slot/channel it goes into. You remove it by pulling on the black part of the cable first; then, you pull down on the cable.

Step 4 Remove the cable.

If you need to change the handle, you must remove the cable from the parking brake release handle. All you need to do is rotate the cable and pull it up.

Step 5 Remove bolts

Next, remove the two Torx bolts in the picture circled in red. You will need to use Torx Socket to remove the bolts. If you need a Torx socket, you can find a set on Amazon for under $20; look at these Torx Socket Sets for example.

Step 6 Reinstall

Reinstall the new hand brake release in reverse order.

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  1. Hi there
    Whilst pulling the hand brake release cable on my 2007 ML350 it detached from the handle and gone vanished.. I removed the lower trim under the steering column to have a look but couldn’t find where it is gone.. pls help..

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