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MERCEDES steering wheel radio stereo switch button repair how todiy

Mercedes Interior Trim / Buttons / Switches Fading or Peeling

Learn how to repair peeling or faded steering wheel and window switch buttons. Replacing the buttons on the steering wheel is typically very costly. It requires that you remove the steering wheel in some cases. Instead of going the expensive route, you can use an Automotive Radio Buttons Repair Kit which is much more affordable and can achieve satisfying results.

Common Problems

  • Steering Wheel Button Peeling
  • Window Switch Buttons Faded
  • Radio / Navigation / Dash Buttons Paint Coming Off


You can use sticky buttons that are cut out specifically for your model of Mercedes-Benz. Alternatively you can use touch up paint to resolre the button instead of using sticker / decals. In some cases the old buttons can be removed and replaced.

Use Mercedes Benz Window Button Repair Kit For 2008-2014 C E CLK CLS ML Class GL Class GLK to restore the buttons on your Mercedes-Benz. You can either use these decals which stick on top of the buttons or you could use Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit to paint the buttons, instructions for this method are provided below.

Choose the button that you are trying to repair.

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Instructions on how to restore peeling buttons on you Mercedes-Benz

You can also use this leather and vinyl repair kit if you are trying to fix leather or vinyl repairs. It works for tears, burns, peeling and cuts. It even has several colors included so that you can match your existing color.

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Step 1: Use a small 200 grid sand paper  (1/2 inch x 1/2inch not larger) to carefully sand the worn out buttons. Be careful to not sand buttons that are not damaged.
Step 2: Next use a small piece of cloth and Isopropyl alcohol to clean the button that you just sanded in order to prep it for the next step.
Step 3: If you have a small brush clean careful between the buttons. Clean the small gaps that you may not be able to get to with the your cloth.
Step 4: Next use the repair kit to carefully paint the buttons on your steering wheel, radio, dashboard or window switch. Some kits may come with a kit that you can use to cut out labels or letters. You will need to recreate the old buttons. Cutting out letters is easy but if you have a symbol that has faded or the paint peeled off it may be difficult to recreate that symbol again.
Step 5: Let the paint dry for a few hours before you can press on the buttons again.mercedes button peeling off

Note: If you have a large plastic interior trim that you need to restore you may want to remove it from your car and use Interior Vinyl Paint. This is a better approach to get satisfying results than just using the touch-up paint brush.


Use the comments section below to let us know how you restored the buttons on your Mercedes-Benz.


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