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How to winterize Mercedes-Benz for winter storage

For some Mercedes-Benz owners, (especially the lucky ones with a convertible) the winter puts an end to the summer fun. Storing your Mercedes-Benz the right way is important to ensure that you will not be greeted with warning lights when you need to get your car started again. Or even worse– not be greeted at all. Here is a list of things that you may want to consider as you plan on winterizing your Mercedes-Benz.

Here are a few valuable tips for  Mercedes-Benz drivers. If you don’t drive your car in the winter and want to store it, follow these easy tips.

Fill up the Fuel Tank

what gas to use on mercedes benzDon’t leave the car parked for months with a nearly empty fuel tank. The empty space in the fuel tank of your Mercedes-Benz will contain vapor, and over time it will condense to water. The water will not only contaminate the gasoline, but it can cause corrosion especially to the fuel level sensor. Otherwise, you may have problems such as the fuel gauge no longer works or shows the correct gas level.

Perform Routine Maintenance

how to store mercedes e s c clk slk for winterIf your Mercedes-Benz is nearing the routine maintenance such as Service A, B, C, D, E in the next 500 miles or 30 days, you may want to have the maintenance performed before you store your MB.

Check Tire Pressure

check tire pressureAdd air to the tire and set the pressure to at least 40 psi. It is very likely that the tires will loose some air even if you have no leaks. This will minimize the flat spotting of the tires. If you don’t have a tire inflator at home, you can use air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter and inflates your tires. We like the EP Auto 12V 120W Tire inflator because it comes with a digital gauge and will turn off once the tire pressure reaches the previously set PSI.

Use Vehilce Cover

If you are planing on storing your Mercedes-Benz, it is recommended that you use a cover. This will prevent damage to the car’s paint. Replacement covers can be purchased at any local store or online. You don’t need to get a cover designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz, any universal cover will be better than nothing, as long as it will fit on the car. Most MB cars need a large car cover for S, CLK, CLS, CLA-Class. Small or mid size vehicle covers may be hard to fit even on a C-Class but may work on S, SL class.

Car covers such as OverDrive PolyPro Full Size Car Cover by Classic Accessories has great reviews on Amazon and are large enough to fit most Mercedes-Benz sedans.

Disconnect Battery

disconnect batteryWe would prefer to disconnect the battery if you plan on letting the car sit for several months. Keep in mind that when you star up the car again you will need to synchronize things such as the windows by pressing and holding the windows switch for 5 seconds once the window hits the top. Sync the sunroof by moving it all the way to the back then continuing to hold the switch for another five seconds. Repeat the same procedure but this time move the sunroof all the way to the front and continue to hold the switch after the sunroof closes.

You will also need to reset the steering angle sensor otherwise you will have ABS, ESP defective warning on the dashboard. To reset the steering angle sensor, start the car and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right then all the way to the left. Do this a couple of time and then restart the car. The warning lights should disappear.

Charging the battery using black and decker charger
If you don’t feel comfortable with disconnecting the battery, your other option would be to connect a battery tender such as Black and Decker 12 Volt charger to ensure that the battery will always remain charged.


mercedes windshield washer fluid concentrateMake sure that your systems have the correct fluids. What do we mean? Your coolant should have a 50/50 mix, not just water. You shouldn’t have water in your cooling system anyway. If you live in very cold climates you may want to change the mixing ratio to 30 water and 70 antifreeze.

Make sure that you also have windshield washer fluid that will not freeze in low temperatures. It is not uncommon for owners to fill up the windshield washer fluid reservoir with just water. If you are going to store your Mercedes-Benz for the winter, you should make sure to use something such as Rain-X Winter Windshield Washer Fluid -25 Degree. If you have only water in your windshield washer fluid reservoir; add the correct windshield washer fluid. Then run the wipers for a few minutes to get the windshield washer fluid into the lines. Otherwise, the lines can freeze during the winter especially if you have been using just water. This can cause crack and windshield washer fluid leaks.

If it is possible start the car up a few times during the winter and take it for a short trip. That would be best way to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz stays in excellent shape.

We hope that you will find these tips on how to store a Mercedes-Benz for the winter useful. Use the comments sections if you have any advice or recommendations that you would like to share with fellow MB owners.



  1. Thank you for writing the information I was looking for. I couldn’t get a straight answer from the dealer, on how to winterize my SL 550. I’m looking for information on how to lift my MB off the floor for the winter,ie where to position the support jacks. The reason why I thought of doing this is, I won’t need to play around with tire pressure and most important, I would like to start it and shift it in drive to have parts moving during winter,( I don’t want to drive it around in snow and salt). My SL has two(2) batteries and would like to connect a battery tender to both, any ideas on how this can be done, do I need to purchase two battery meanders?
    Thanking you in advance for any advise you may want to share.


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