ML270 CDI Does'nt Start

Discussion in 'M-Class' started by Ash JH, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Ash JH

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    Hi All,

    New Here, hope someone can assist me,

    I have a 2000 W163 ML270CDI,
    Having a starting issue, what i have noticed is when key is turrned on, all IC lights come on , as long as GLOW PLUG indicator light does'nt car will not start, does'nt even crank, have to turn key on / off repeatedly until GLOW PLUG light comes on them she fires up

    MB dealer diagnostic does'nt pick up any fault, checked starter cabling, initially I thought it had something to do with ambient temperature but realised can do it either at 4 degrees C or at 30 degress C

    Would really appreciate any feedback
  2. How old is the battery? Have you checked that?

    Try to start it by connecting a 12 volt power source to the battery jump start terminals and see if that helps.
  3. Ash JH

    Ash JH New Member


    Battery good, had it tested a few times, just to make sure,

    One thing I forgot to mention when the glow plug light does not come on, and you turn key to crank position, the electric fan comes on

    I tried something yesterday, thinking it may be a loose contact, went through fuse box, pulled all fuses and relays out, sprayed contact points with electrical contact cleaner, have'nt use car much, will use today and see if it could have helped, then will attempt to open fuse box out and check wiring underneath.

    Thank for your reply much appreciated.

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