GLK 350 Spark Plug replacement

Discussion in 'GLK-Class' started by Jessica Lee, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee New Member

    My friend's GLK350 has started to show its age and the spark plugs need to be replaced. However, the dealership I went to, quoted the price of the replacement to be around $400. I was thinking we could order the plugs from amazon and replace it at home. Anyone who can guide me about this process?
  2. John White

    John White New Member

    You should try the following method, it's fairly non-complex and the only cost you will encounter is of the spark plugs which will set you back around $50-60 for 6 plugs. Here you go:
    1). Take the air filter cover off.
    2). Remove the bolts holding the coilpack in place.
    3). Unplug the coilpacks but don't forget to put them back in, in the same order as you took them out.
    4). Replace the spark plugs with the new ones.
    5). Put the coilpacks back in and put the bolts and air filter cover back on and you are good to go.
  3. Ron Dreitzler

    Ron Dreitzler New Member

    Make sure you index the plugs
  4. 8ch

    8ch New Member

    Thinking of replacing my wife's as well. This is apperantly a recommended service at 60K miles. Looks noncomplex, but caution is of course necessary to prevent cross threading the new plugs. Always go slow by hand before using a ratchet. When I last shopped for Bosch plugs, they were supposedly pre gapped/indexed. However, you should always double check as they could have been dropped during shipping/handling.

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