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Discussion in 'E-Class' started by Tommeeks2002, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Tommeeks2002

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    Which code readers will read W210 codes? I bought a Launch Creader VII+ which has W209 and skips to W211. On a video I watched, it looked as if the Icarsoft MBII did the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The cheapest scanner that works on all W210 ystems is Carsoft 7.4 multiplexer. Has the 38 pin connector needed for W210.
  3. Tommeeks2002

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    Thank you, question though, there is a OBD II port under the steering wheel which threw me off, so it still has the 38 pin us under the hood? I'll look for a multiplexer see if I can get his problem figured out. Thanks again.
  4. Kajtek1

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    Scroll down the forum main page and you will find scanners section.
    MaxiEcu cost less than $200 and reads W210 with 38-pins connector.
    Not all modules are covered, what you have listed on ME web site.

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