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  1. Mannu
    Mannu MercedesFanatic
    I'm getting fault . No can message received from n118 fuel pump control unit
  2. Mannu
    Mannu MercedesFanatic
    Hi everyone I have an Mercedes 212 e350 2013 model diesel . I need rear Sam fuel pump control unit location .
  3. Paul Price
  4. Silvio Morales
    Silvio Morales MercedesFanatic
    HI everyone,
    I was looking around in the Internet the exact amount of transmission oil my 2001 c320 should take, but I'm getting different amount all the time, does anyone knows the right amount?
    Or maybe a real Mercedes Benz website?
    Thank you.
  5. engineer
    Please don't post questions as profile updates. Post them under the correct forum.
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    2. lori Gibbs
      lori Gibbs
      I'm sorry I'm n new to the forum, I apologize..
      Mar 2, 2017
  6. Falalu
    Falalu MercedesFanatic
    Pls I need help on how to change the language of my 'Mercedes Benz W204 C200 Elegance' from Deutsch to English. I accidentally did a default/factory reset, and the language changed to Deutsch.
    Although, based on my research Its like I need an NTG4 Navigation DVD DISC to to be able to select English language.

    VIN: WDD2040411F194931