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How to properly charge a dead car battery


Dead Battery? Don’t worry, you can bring that battery back to life if you charge it properly. Jump staring the car is not recommended on a completely discharged battery, unless you absolutely have too. Keep in mind, that jump starting will get the car running but you risk damaging the battery. You can damage battery cells or make the battery not hold a charge as it should. A car battery can last 5 to 7 years, your battery should have a sticker with the date it was made on it.  If your battery is not older than 7 years then don’t give up on it. I just had a 8 year old Mercedes Benz  SLK Class parked for three months and when I went to start it there was no power at all. So here is what I did to get the car started.

First, there are two things you will need to bring a completely dead battery back to life.
1. You need time. At minimum 1 day, preferred  2 days.
2. A trickle charger.
A trickle charger, will put a very slow charge to the battery and bring it back from the dead. Any of these chargers here on Amazon will work, some of them cost only about $20 which is well worth it. All you need is a 1.5 or 2.0 Amp 12 volt charger.  If money is not an issue, you can get a charger and starter at the same time. They cost a little bit more but they allow you to do a 2.0 Amp slow charger, a fast 10amp charge and a 75 amp or higher setting which is used for jump starting. Here are a few highly ranked ones on Amazon that work as chargers and also starters.
If you try to charge a dead battery by jumping starting the car or putting a current over 10 amps on it you risk on damaging the battery. Not even that, but if you have a battery which has bad cells it could even explode.

How to re charge a completely dead battery.

1. Find a charger. If you don’t have one, see this list. 
2. a. Remove the battery from the car.
2. b. Or if you want to leave the battery in the car, disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.
3. Connect the red  (+)positive cable from the charger to the positive terminal on the battery.
4. Connect the black (-) negative cable of the charger to the negative post of the battery.
5. Plug your charger in an outlet.
6. Let it charge at least 24 hours. Check the battery in a few hours make sure it’s not getting too hot.
The SLK battery that I charged took two full days to be completely charged.
Note: If your battery is older than 7 or 8 years you should plan on replacing it in the near future. Because there are a lot of electronics consumers in these luxury cars they tend to be very sensitive to the battery voltage. When the battery doesn’t provide the needed voltage and current you may notice some very strange malfunction with systems such as the transmission, ecu, airbag.

If your battery is old or you don’t want to even deal with charging a battery, you can easily get a new battery on Amazon that will fit your Mercedes Benz. They are brand names and you can get the battery at your front door. Check out these highly ranked batteries on Amazon that fit Mercedes-Benz cars.


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  1. Great website! I came here because my S Class W320 started first time today when I moved it across the yard to wash it. It hadn’t been started for about 4 days but fired up perfectly. Key was then removed. About an hour or so later I went to move it back only to find it was EXACTLY like your video clip! I had no choice but to jump start it because it was blocking someone’s garage. It started fine and I moved it across the yard. A couple of hours later I went back to the car, remote locking worked fine, car fired up first time. I switched it off and started cleaning the interior. I then went to start it only to have the same problem! Can’t even lock it now. Can a battery really die that quickly???

    • It may not have been charged fully in the first place. Try charging it with a 2A or 4A 12 volt charger. If it still gives you problems then you need a new battery. Also if the battery has any damaged cells it won’t charge and may be the reason why you are having the problems described.

  2. I left my 2004 clk 320 in the garage for 5 months now. And when I came back from a long trip. It’s totally dead. And I’m sure the battery is past 8 years so new one needed for sure. I can’t change the battery myself because the way it mounts is hard to reach. Before I towe it to the shop. You think my car can still be save? Will it able to start and drive again. It was in perfect condition before I left. Only 110k on it

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