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Common Mercedes Diesel Problems | CDI & BlueTec

Diesel Mercedes-Benz cars, SUV and Sprinter vans equipped with BlueTEC engines are one of the most advanced diesel engines in the world. High-pressure fuel injection system and variable geometry turbochargers ensure optimal combustion. This gives better power output and lowers exhaust gas emissions. Clouds of black smoke on acceleration are a …

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Mysterious Mercedes Electrical Problems

corroded wire electrical issue

Recently we have been working on a Mercedes-Benz with some major and unexplainable electrical issues. The problem started with the Keyless Go feature. The key would unlock the car via keyfob and start it by inserting the key in the ignition. But Keyless Go stopped working. Push Start or unlocking …

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Why are Mercedes-Benz cars so expensive?

Have you ever wondered why Mercedes Benz cars are so expensive? In this article, we will share some reasons that we think make Mercedes-Benz cars more expensive than most makes. As a disclaimer, this is the opinion of MB Medic which is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz. Safety Safety is one …

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Mercedes Battery Replacement DIY

install new battery change battery mercedes

In this guide, you will find the procedure on how to replace the battery on a Mercedes-Benz. Replacing the car battery on a Mercedes-Benz is easy and can be completed by any DIYer. These step-by-step instructions on how to replace Mercedes battery should help owners of E, C, S, ML, …

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How to program Mercedes Garage Door Opener

how to program mercedes garage door opener

Mercedes-Benz Garage Door Programing Mercedes-Benz cars come with integrated garage door opener.  In this tutorial, we will show you how to program Mercedes-Benz garage door opener. The Mercedes-Benz garage door opener can be programmed to work with almost all garage door remotes. Mercedes-Benz garage door buttons work with both single code …

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Mercedes Windshield Wiper Problem

In this article, we will discuss common Mercedes-Benz windshield wiper problems. Did your Mercedes wipers stop working? If your wipers move but you are having difficulties with the windshield washer fluid not spraying you should read this article on Windshield Washer Fluid problems. This article in broken into two main …

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How many miles are Mercedes-Benz cars good for?

high mileage mercedes w220 s-class

Have you wondered how many miles can a Mercedes-Benz survive before it heads to the junkyard? My father owned a 1980s 240D that had rolled over 1 million kilometers, and it was still running like a tank. Rust had started to eat up many parts of the body, but the …

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