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S/CL Class

Mysterious Battery Drain

mercedes benz battery drain problem

Battery Drain Does your Mercedes-Benz battery slowly drain? Battery is dead every morning? Does the Mercedes-Benz battery die when you have the car parked overnight or leave it parked for a few days? This step by step guide will explain  how to troubleshoot this problem, the basics of battery drain …

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ABS Pump Replacement Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220

This article provides instructions required for replacing the ABS pump on a Mercedes-Benz W220 C215. The ABS pump is integrated in the ETS, ASR, ESP hydraulic unit. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. The battery on  your S-Class is located in the trunk. Open hood and locate the ABS hydraulic unit. …

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How to check engine oil level Mercedes-Benz – Two Methods

There are two methods to check the engine oil level on Mercedes-Benz cars. Method 1: Using the engine dipstick (omitted on some Mercedes-Benz models) Method 2: On your instrument cluster, via the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel. In this article, we provide step by step instructions on how to …

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