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ABS Pump Replacement Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220


This article provides instructions required for replacing the ABS pump on a Mercedes-Benz W220 C215. The ABS pump is integrated in the ETS, ASR, ESP hydraulic unit.

negative battery termnial w210

Disconnect the battery negative terminal. The battery on  your S-Class is located in the trunk.

RE Camera

Open hood and locate the ABS hydraulic unit. The ABS unit is located behind the driver’s headlight unit.

Remove hydraulic line from abs ets pump

Unscrew all the hydraulic brake lines from the ABS hydraulic unit.


abs ets hydraulic unit mercedes benz

Unplug electrical connector from the ABS pump.

ABS control unit bolt

Remove the bolt that keeps the ABS unit in place. 

Remove ABS hydraulic unit.

Bleed the brake system using brake system bleeder.

Use a diagnostic scanner such to clear the fault codes.
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  • A0034318712
  • 003 431 80 12
  • 0130108096
  • A0044314612


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